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Social Login with LinkedIn on IBM Security Verify

By Vandana Verma Sehgal posted Thu January 07, 2021 09:54 AM


Co-authored by Saloni Rathi.

Social Login with LinkedIn on IBM Security Verify

 As a user if I am going to a website or application and the first thing application asks is for registration and lot of information. I don't want to share too much information while registration. I don't  want to subscribe to the website or look through the information. The first time itself you are asking me to register and then see the content. 

We all have so many identities and frequently use them on websites. When we browse a new website, we don’t want to create another set of credentials. We wish to use the same credentials.

IBM verify can help user’s login via LinkedIn credentials.

As an administrator, we can configure IBM Security Verify with LinkedIn using the below settings:

Open the IBM Security Verify tenant


Login to the Tenant and switch to Admin


Go to the Configuration



Click on Identity Sources -> LinkedIn -> Enable it


Configure Just in Time Provisioning -> Copy the Redirect URL -> Click on the link under the Identity Provider which will redirect you to the LinkedIn Developer Portal


Fill in the Details


Select the Business type


Fill in the details of the company


After the page is created -> We need to verify the same


Once you click on Verify  -> Click on Generate URL


Verification URL will be generated -> Copy the URL and open in the next tab.


App is created -> Click on the Verify



After verifying the app -> Go back to the page from where you copied the URL -> Click on I’m done.

You will be redirected to the app’s settings -> Go to Auth -> Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Applications credentials and use the same credentials at IBM Security Verify Tenants LinkedIn configuration page. Use the IBM Security Verify redirect URL copied earlier from the IBM Security Verify Tenants LinkedIn configuration page.


Click Update



Now, we can see the company name


Now we can grant access to the app


We need to agree to the Legal Agreement and Add Product


Note: If the Company already has a developer portal then they don’t need to create one. They can directly use the API credentials to enable users to login.


Our application has option to login via LinkedIn



Now, users can login to the application without any hassle using their LinkedIn login credentials.


Thank You

Saloni Rathi, GSI Labs, ISL India
Vandana Verma Sehgal, GSI Labs, ISL India