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New Introduction to the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle course and badge

By Terri Puckett posted Mon May 16, 2022 04:19 PM


Today, we are faced with the increasing challenges of dealing with more aggressive and persistent threat actors. This all happens while being inundated with information, which is full of misinformation and false flags across multiple, unconnected systems. With information coming from such a wide variety of sources, how do you tell what is reliable and actionable, and what isn't?

The Threat Intelligence lifecycle is the planning, collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating of information to help mitigate potential attacks and harmful events by treat actors.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Describe the different phases of the Threat Intelligence lifecycle
  • Explain the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of information
  • Identify different intelligence data sources
  • Explain procedures and techniques used to process and analyze information
  • Discuss distributing intelligence to different audiences
You will earn a badge upon completion of the required assignments and activities in the course. You can take the course on your preferred platform: