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IBM Security launches IBM QRadar Security SOAR platform for AWS

By Teresa Rollins posted Fri May 13, 2022 04:23 PM


Co-Authored Blog by: Nick Barrett & Teresa Rollins

IBM Security QRadar SOAR (previously Resilient), is a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform, is designed to streamline your Security Operations Center (SOC) with an automated and intelligent response to cyber-threats. QRadar SOAR captures and codifies your established incident response processes into dynamic playbooks to guide and empower your team with knowledge to resolve incidents. It helps accelerate and orchestrate responses by automating actions with intelligence and integrating with other security tools and allows your team to visualize and understand security incidents to prioritize and take action. With a simplified automation process, QRadar SOAR reduces the skills needed to build automation.


According to the Forrester Total Impact of IBM Security SOAR Study, Forrester concluded that IBM Security SOAR had a three-year ROI of over 400%. By automating many previously manual efforts (especially enrichment) for security analysts and by guiding those analysts to efficiently address cybersecurity incidents, IBM Security SOAR saved organizations an average of more than one hour of analyst time for each security incident. Additionally, use of IBM SOAR improved end user productivity due to accelerated incident responses, as well as save time to compile metrics for audits.


QRadar SOAR provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce time to respond to and remediate complex cyber threats
  • Streamline and automate manual and repetitive tasks such as Indicators of Compromise (IOC) enrichment
  • Guide and execute investigation and response actions with robust case management
  • Install and deploy integrations quickly 
  • Customize and extend dynamic playbooks through a visual Playbook Designer 
  • Inform strategic business decisions by tracking key metrics 


IBM's clients have experienced these benefits. For example, Secure-24 boosted the speed and flexibility of its investigative team to provide even faster — but still highly reliable and auditable — support during stressful security events.  Read the full case study here


For enterprises using AWS, QRadar SOAR offers 200+ integrations with Security tool providers, including many integrations with AWS security services (AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudWatch, AWS GuardDuty, AWS S3, and AWS EC2, among others).  With custom integration into your existing security infrastructure, QRadar SOAR can help teams reduce the duration and impact of cyber-attacks with optimized response protocols, leveraging dynamic playbooks to help resolve incidents faster.  View the full list of QRadar SOAR integrations here


We are happy to announce the launch of IBM Security QRadar SOAR on the AWS Marketplace! You can check out the new listing here. QRadar SOAR is the latest addition to the IBM Security listings available on the AWS Marketplace across both IBM Security Software Technology and Security Services listings. The advantages of IBM technology and services available on the AWS Marketplace delivers an additional option for AWS customers to buy through AWS and draw down on AWS Enterprise discount programs. In addition, IBM Security customers are empowered to bring on-premises applications onto AWS, leveraging IBM Software on AWS Cloud or a hybrid platform. 


IBM is a Premier Tier Services partner with AWS and has competencies for Security Software and Services, and Level 1 MSSP. IBM Security continues to launch more security solutions for AWS customers, available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace. Together, IBM and AWS continue to deliver on the shared commitment of fostering client success; providing the guidance and resources necessary to securely migrate and modernize to AWS Cloud.


Why AWS Marketplace?

AWS verifies details, reliability, authenticity, ethics, and security measures for all listings on their Marketplace. Through AWS user information, AWS controls the billing and payment options, giving AWS customers more flexible pricing options, and simplifies software licensing and procurement. Additionally, customers can initiate negotiations for private pricing offers through the AWS Marketplace, or simply deploy licenses purchased through IBM on AWS using the IBM Security software BYOL listings. 


What's in it for IBM and AWS Clients? 


The tremendous growth of enterprises utilizing AWS to aid their cloud journey is driving those same organizations to demand the solutions they want to use, be available for purchase, and managed, via AWS Marketplace. The most recent need being IBM and AWS customers’ requests for leading Security Orchestration, Automation and Remediation technology such as QRadar SOAR. According to Dave Bull, Security Lead for AWS Marketplace ‘This new availability will now streamline the purchasing cycle up to 50% faster than in the past, and ensures buyers have confidence the technology will run on AWS without problems due to testing completed prior to publishing.’ As the digital terrain continues to expand, coordinating and executing tasks between various tools and people can now all be managed via QRadar SOAR, on AWS infrastructure.