New Version of the Resilient IRP Now Shipping: Version 31 Expands Incident Response Orchestration and Privacy Capabilities

By Ted Julian posted Thu November 08, 2018 08:23 AM


Last week, we released version 31 of the Resilient Incident Response Platform. It includes several new features that make it easier for organizations to orchestrate incident response processes, measure and assess the effectiveness of their operations, and comply with privacy regulations.


Some of the main features include:


  • Expanded “Functions” - Enables security teams to quickly iterate on automations and response processes. This includes scripting enhancements that give users greater agility and ease-of-use when scripting in platform.
  • Enhanced reporting - Users can report on throughput metrics for events and incidents, aiding the measurement of security practitioners’ effectiveness. Additionally, the analytics dashboards now include a global, dashboard-wide filter to restrict the list of incidents available in each of the displayed dashboard widgets, providing an extra layer of access control.
  • Improved GDPR support - Organizations can now quickly build a regulatory guidance and risk assessment workflow for GDPR. This enhances customers’ abilities to understand and fulfill their GDPR obligations faster and more easily.


Disaster Recovery

Version 31 also includes a new disaster recovery option to enable rapid failover in the event of a major infrastructure outage. It is deployed as a separate Resilient instance, with a complete backup of all playbooks, tasks, and incident data. The disaster recovery option is available for on-premises customers and is licensed separately. Please contact your account executive for more information.



The Resilient user interface and cybersecurity playbooks are now available in 10 languages: Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.


Resilient users can change their language by setting the web browser to their preferred language. On-premises customers can choose to set the default language for a new organization.


To learn more about version 31 of the Resilient IRP, please see the release notes here.