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Streamlining Distribution Management in IBM MaaS360: A Bulk Deletion Feature

By Suyanka Agnihotri posted Tue February 27, 2024 01:06 AM


In the dynamic world of enterprise mobility management, efficient administration is crucial. One of the challenges faced by IBM MaaS360 portal administrators was the cumbersome task of managing multiple application distributions. Admins often found themselves creating numerous distributions for various reasons – addressing instant install failures, testing different app versions, and more. This led to a cluttered distribution landscape, making the deletion of distributions a time-consuming and repetitive process.

The Problem Statement:

As the number of distributions grew, the manual deletion of each distribution became a bottleneck in the workflow. Admins needed a solution that would allow them to manage this process more efficiently. The need for a bulk deletion feature became apparent, enabling administrators to quickly clear out unnecessary distributions and streamline their management tasks.

How MaaS360 Fixed the Problem:

Recognising the pain point of administrators, we set out to develop a solution that would simplify the distribution management process. The primary goal was to provide a mechanism for admins to delete multiple application distributions in bulk, thereby saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

1. Multi-Select and Delete Functionality:

To address the need for bulk deletion, we introduced a multi-select feature. Administrators could now choose multiple distributions using checkboxes and initiate the deletion process in one go. This feature significantly reduced the manual effort required to clean up the distribution list.

2. Workflow Accessibility:

Understanding that administrators access the system from different points, we ensured that the bulk deletion feature was accessible through various workflows. Whether an admin landed on the distribution management page directly or navigated from other sections, the bulk deletion functionality was consistently available.

3. Policy Integration:

For administrators with the "Remove on Stop" distribution policy enabled, the bulk deletion feature was designed to stop the distribution and uninstall the app from end-user devices. 

Achieving Customer Satisfaction:

The implementation of the bulk deletion feature in IBM MaaS360 brought about a transformative change in distribution management. The streamlined process reduced the time spent on deleting distributions, allowing admins to focus on more strategic tasks.


In conclusion, the introduction of the bulk deletion feature in IBM MaaS360 was driven by a commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing the evolving needs of administrators. This update not only solved a specific problem but also contributed to the overall efficiency and satisfaction of IBM MaaS360 users.