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What’s New in QDI 2.2.5

By Sophia Sampath posted Thu March 05, 2020 10:18 AM


Co-authored: Doga Tav - Product Owner and Technical Lead & Nick Antonov - Performance Architect


What is QRadar Deployment Intelligence (QDI)?

QRadar Deployment Intelligence is a powerful monitoring application built to give users a birds-eye-view of the health of their QRadar deployment.

What’s New in QDI 2.2.5 - available now on IBM Security App Exchange

  • Added IPv6 Support

  • Updated Development Overview to show deployment hosts totals and counts by type to easily identify managed host composition of the deployment.

  • Enhanced Existing Widgets
    • Event Drop factors in CRE and Parsed events routed to storage that occurs during process startup
    • Top Users/User roles by Search Activity now includes additional types of expensive searches to
      • Identify the search activity statistics for each user
      • Easily identify potentially expensive searches

      • Conveniently navigate to Search Activity pages

    • Top N Log Sources by EPS widgets reflects EPS for log sources that stopped processing events
    • Top N Hosts EPS License Util. widget factors in license giveback

  • New widgets
    • Shows QRadar Java processes that ran out-of-memory
    • Shows Lucene indexing time for events and flows

  • Ability to configure data retention period
  • Enabled the QRadar Processing Util. widget for event collector (15xx) and data gateway (7000) appliances

If you’re interested in learning more about the health and performance of your QRadar Deployments and are keen on looking into the analysis of the result of your deployments and much more, I’d definitely recommend installing the QRadar Deployment Intelligence App, if you haven't installed it yet!

To provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements on what you'd like to see, please submit a Request for Enhancements, as we'll consider your request for development!



Mon March 09, 2020 07:08 AM

Thanks for making us aware of this update, regarding to the retention update - would this solve the previous issue related to


 and the TIME_TO_KEEP values?

Hoping to shake the issues related to TS003023665