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Release Day at Last! IBM Security Discover and Classify Brings Advanced Data Discovery and Classification

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Fri November 19, 2021 04:29 PM


A few weeks ago, we announced the evolution of the and IBM Security partnership, culminating in IBM Security Discover and Classify (also known as Inventa).


This advanced data discovery and classification platform solves a significant problem we often hear about from our customers: how do I secure my sensitive data if I don’t know where it is—and when data is at risk, how do I know what kind of data it is?


This is the first step in good data security hygiene. But as we’ve said in previous articles, many other vendors only deliver support for discovering and classifying data-at-rest, lack analytics to help understand business context, or worst of all, expect customers to already have an idea of where sensitive data might reside. This nearly defeats the purpose of investing in such a platform in the first place.


IBM Security Discover and Classify aims to avoid those pitfalls and is a holistic platform for discovering and classifying data-at-rest and in-motion. It has advanced analytics to determine the business context around a piece of data, ultimately helping to understand how sensitive the data is within a given source.


Further, IBM Security Discover and Classify builds a map of your environment, allowing you to visualize how data is used and stored throughout your organization. This level of detailed understanding can inform your compliance, data privacy, and security decisions.


How? Well, let’s take each in kind.


Compliance: when you understand where sensitive data resides, it becomes easier to build compliance policies and report to compliance stakeholders on whether you are appropriately meeting requirements. Further, knowing where sensitive data resides helps to streamline the process of responding to data subject access requests (DSAR).


Privacy: with growing consumer demand for greater controls around personally identifiable information (PII), it is crucial to know how that data is used within your organization. By determining business context and mapping how data moves, IBM Security Discover and Classify gives those compliance or data security specialists tasked with developing privacy policies a starting point.


Security: with a barrage of alerts around potential breaches or other anomalous activity, prioritizing response—let alone coordinated the response itself—to data threats can feel like a Herculean effort. By knowing which data is the most critical to protect, suddenly developing a response playbook requires less effort but can have a greater impact.


And this isn’t to say that IBM Security Discover and Classify operates in a vacuum. To be successful in these three areas, Security Discover and Classify must integrate with your other key security tools and teams such as the SOC team or with your data activity monitoring (DAM) platform. By continuously sharing contextual, actionable intelligence around sensitive data with tools like IBM Security SOAR and IBM Security Guardium, security measures can be adjusted as needed—ultimately supporting the core principle of a zero trust framework.


Want to learn more? Register for the webinar, and check out the links below:

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