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Announcing Guardium Insights 3.1: Modern Data Problems Require Modern Data Solutions

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Tue November 30, 2021 09:37 AM


Today we are pleased to announce the release of Guardium Insights 3.1! This signifies the next step in the maturity of the Guardium Insights data security hub and adheres to the principles of modern data security: a platform that is adaptive, connected, and intelligent. Each of these principles is enhanced by the functionality coming in this update:

Monitoring gets a major enhancement (being released first as a tech preview) as Guardium Insights prepares to deliver streaming capabilities directly from S-Taps - beginning to eliminate the need for collectors, freeing up customer computing resources and streamlining data security architecture.Further, a new, fully customizable console lets data security teams tailor the Guardium Insights GUI to immediately surface the reports and analytic readouts their organization needs - and can be adjusted in seconds as those needs change.Connected
Connecting to critical tools and data sources has never been easier. A unified connections screen makes configuring data source monitoring a click-and-point effort.

New integrations with IBM Security SOAR (to enrich response playbooks) and Splunk (via SplunkBase App) mean security analysts and SOC teams can get the same actionable insights into security risks as the data security specialists manning the Guardium Insights console - cutting down on alert noise, better orchestrating data threat response, and supporting a zero trust framework through the continuous sharing of this contextual risk data.

Beyond general enhancements to Guardium Insights' advanced analytics, integration with IBM Security Discovery and Classify ( Inventa OEM) means advanced sensitive data discovery and classification findings (where sensitive lives, how it moves throughout the organization, and its business context) can be used to enhance risk insights and better score and prioritize risk response.

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