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The Guardium and Partnership has Evolved: Announcing IBM Security Discover and Classify

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Tue November 02, 2021 07:53 AM

There have been many great partnerships over the years: peanut butter and jelly, Jordan and Pippen, avocado and toast

We’d like to add another to that list. IBM Security Guardium and Inventa.

Yes, yes, we know that this partnership—and its mission to support zero trust and data privacy by delivering advanced data discovery and classification for data-at-rest and data-in-motion to enhance Guardium’s modern data security capabilities—have been discussed.


Today, though, we’re here to announce that Inventa will now be offered as IBM Security Discover and Classify, a crucial addition to the IBM Security portfolio.


What will it do? Well, in case you need a little refresher Inventa is a platform built on zero trust principles. In this context, that means context. The goal is greater visibility and a contextual understanding of where sensitive data lives. This is possible through’s network-based approach, following data-in-motion to determine where that data will ultimately land.


Other folks in the data discovery and classification space rely on organizations already having an idea of what data sources to scan in the hunt for sensitive data. Most organizations are coming to these vendors because the organization does not know this information already. Thus, this can lead to gaps in visibility that Inventa (ahem, IBM Security Discover and Classify) fills.


Together with Guardium and IBM Security products and services, you can embrace modern data security and privacy with a comprehensive suite of tools that can discover, classify, encrypt, identify and analyze anomalies, and take immediate action against threats across all data sources—to successfully and securely digitally transform, address regulatory requirements, and avoid the costly impacts of a breach.


With IBM Security Discover and Classify, the powerful capabilities that set apart from its data discovery peers will be available directly through IBM Security, integrating with IBM Security SOAR—a critical component of IBM Cloud Pak for Security.


As we hurtle into the last quarter of the year, rest assured, that is not the only integration on the horizon for this powerful partner, and we are excited to bring those future announcements to you!


But in the meantime, learn more about IBM Security Discover and Classify, Guardium, IBM Cloud Pak for Security, and at the links below: