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Guardium Data Protection and AWS: Primed for Data Security in the Cloud

By RYAN SCHWARTZ posted Thu October 07, 2021 11:07 AM

Cloud adoption will only continue to increase, and while this is excellent for business growth, it can be a challenge for data security teams. These teams are often forced to contend with disconnected tools, data sprawl, and alert fatigue–stretching resources too thin. One solution is to standardize on one cloud service provider to try to consolidate some of this sprawl under one roof.

And often—40.8% of the time, in fact—that cloud vendor is Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers modest data security capabilities such as logging and monitoring of the individual data sources an organization deploys. But as data privacy and compliance regulations multiply and data breaches increasingly threaten all industries, data security teams need solutions that extend these native AWS capabilities and deliver centralized, scalable support for the data security lifecycle—i.e., from discovery and classification to robust levels of encryption and key management to proactive threat identification and response.

This is why it is so exciting to have IBM Security Guardium Data Protection as an offering in the AWS Marketplace!

Guardium takes a continuous approach to help organizations achieve data security and compliance across on-premises and AWS environments. Through integration with AWS Secrets Manager for cloud security automation and ingestion of audit/log data with Amazon Kinesis and Amazon CloudWatch, Guardium can centralize monitoring and data security visibility across a widely-distributed AWS environment such as AWS RDS, AWS Aurora and AWS S3 data sources housing both structured and unstructured data. This helps to extend AWS’ data security capabilities by consolidating and analyzing logs to quickly address compliance concerns, audit requests, or to uncover and respond to anomalous activity and vulnerabilities.

On October 19th at 11 AM Eastern Time, experts from IBM Security, Amazon, and IBM partner Adaptive Systems, will engage in a panel discussion webcast around exactly what organizations should consider when deploying cloud environments, what to look for in a data security solution, and how this partnership between Guardium Data Protection and AWS can help organizations get out from under the thumb of data sprawl and cloud complexity.

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