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Looking To Make The Switch From Your ArcSight Deployment?

By Rueben Rodriguez posted Thu November 15, 2018 07:05 PM


In the world of cyber security the need to at least keep up or better yet, stay ahead of the continual barrage of cyber threats is a real.  It’s palatable, it’s right under the surface of everything a CISO, IT Director, or SOC Analyst has to deal with on a daily or even hourly basis. 

By real, I mean there are literally so many threats but so little time or people to manage them all, which is why there are so many security solutions jockeying to try and get your attention in order to hopefully meet your security needs.  It goes without saying that every vendor has a different take on what you should be doing to try and protect your digital infrastructure. 

As you peruse the market (you know, via the interwebs) you will see that some security vendors are niche or are point based solutions, while others have been around for a spell but have had little to no investment in-order to keep up with 1) the evolving security threats and 2) the needs of your business

Case in point, what about your SIEM provider?   Yes, there are a lot of options out there to choose from, in fact there is a ranking which is designed to assist you with your search, but the questions to keep at the forefront is who is going to be able to provide you with the best real-time threat detection platform and which vendor has implemented year over year investment to stay ahead of security threats and meet or surpass the needs of your business?

Here are some key elements you need to consider when looking to invest in or switch to a new SIEM platform:

  • A single pane of glass to make real-time threat decisions
  • Protect your enterprise and applications regardless of location: on-prem, cloud, or hybrid
  • Provide context and prioritize threats for remediation while conducting compliance checks
  • Tired of always having to be an integrator: eco-system with pre-integrations already in place
    • After all you can’t protect against a threat if you can’t see it
  • Correlation & Analytics: tens of thousands of events simultaneously and user-based analytics
    • Give your S.O.C. analysts the knowledge for T2D & T2R without the guess work or extra cycles
  • Support and deployment options regardless of size or industry: small, medium, large and across all industries
  • Real-time network forensics for in depth investigations
  • Human + Machine (AI) integration: Yes, I. is real and can empower your S.O.C. team today
  • A single cyber security vendor to meet your security needs and help grow your business

Tired of not being able to get the threat details in real-time or looking to arm your S.O.C. team with A.I.?  Learn more today so you can get ahead of the evolving threat landscape with a proven SIEM.