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IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for IMS on z/OS v11.3 - Dynamic IMS Maintenance Enablement (DIME) feature available

By Ron Aguirre posted Tue September 27, 2022 04:20 PM


Dynamic IMS Maintenance Enablement (DIME) is an optional feature that enables you to automatically install

and reverse S-TAP for IMS product enhancements and APAR / PTF maintenance for the IMS Control

Region online data capture components, without incurring IMS online processing or S-TAP auditing

interruption of service.


Use the z/OS batch program AUIDMTCE to install maintenance and enhancements, and to reverse

installed maintenance. Furthermore, we recommend that you limit AUIDMTCE program access to IMS administration personnel using a security product feature, such as Program Control in RACF.


Programs eligible for dynamic maintenance reside in common memory. The S-TAP for IMS points to those

programs as a group. When you run the AUIDMTCE utility, the updated programs are loaded into common

memory, and S-TAP for IMS points to the new group. The original programs in memory are not deleted

until you restart the IMS Control Region so that you can reverse installation if needed, without incurring an

S-TAP for IMS for IMS interruption of service.


Please note that: Dynamic IMS Maintenance Enablement is optional in v11.3 and available after applying APAR PH45647. If you do not supply the AUIIMOD DD statement to one or more of your IMS online environments, the IMS Control Region(s) and IMS S-TAP agent(s) will function the same as they did before application of APAR

PH45647 and any S-TAP for IMS maintenance applied that affects the IMS Control Region (changes to

modules in the SAUIIMOD data set) will require an IMS Control region restart to take effect.