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New Year, New Design: Entering 2020 with a Fresh Look for the IBM Security MaaS360 Administrator Portal

By Rajshree Deshmukh posted Fri January 17, 2020 10:12 AM


Recently, IBM published its highly-anticipated new design language with the Carbon Design System being the digital manifestation of this language. In short, it represents a fresh approach to the design of all things “IBM.”

In conjunction with this, IBM Security has also kickstarted an effort to modernize the look and feel of its product portfolio in an effort deliver a seamless and improved user experience to customers.

IBM Security MaaS360 made use of IBM’s Carbon Design System and this new design strategy to revamp and modernize the MaaS360 Administrator Portal.

The user interface (UI) of the MaaS360 Administrator Portal has been updated with new color themes and fonts to align with and maintain consistent and engaging digital interfaces across IBM products. However, at this time, these changes are simply cosmetic; there are presently no functional changes to the portal with these enhancements.

What’s new?

- IBM Plex

The MaaS360 Administrator Portal now uses the open-source typeface IBM Plex. It has been carefully designed to meet IBM’s needs as a global technology company and reflect IBM’s spirit, beliefs, and design principles.

- Color theme

The new color palette expands on our unique aesthetic and represents a contemporary and ever-changing IBM. Its shades of blue represent a color that resonates at the core of IBM, digitally inspired, vibrant and luminous. This new color palette brings a unified and recognizable consistency to IBM’s vast array of digital products and interfaces.

- Icons

We are also in the process of updating all our icons to those from the new IBM Design Language. These icons adhere to a minimalist design philosophy, drawing from details found in the Plex typeface and working well at small sizes.

The new look


Here are a few sample screenshots from the re-skinned portal:

While currently these changes are limited to visual look and feel, we are also working towards simplifying and modernizing our complex workflows to serve you an even more delightful experience for MaaS360.

We hope you like this new change and would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback below.






Tue January 21, 2020 12:44 PM

​Hello - I would like to see more improvement for example on the Login page, if a customer is using ldap authentication for the Portal admins und if the admin logs out not loosing the Login URL, or to have more possibilities on advanced search to search for more valuas, Problems on the device, or to have a better alert Center like a Monitoring Portal with good notification with SMS and email, ... and not changing colours or style of characters!