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Guardium now offers DSPM capability to discover, catalog, and secure cloud data

By RAHUL SAHNI posted Wed November 01, 2023 12:28 PM


Regain control of your data security in today’s multi-cloud environment. Introducing Guardium Insights SaaS DSPM - a unified Data Security solution for cloud workloads & SaaS applications. Now, security and compliance teams can get a complete 360 view of their data and gain immediate insights about their data posture, to help ensure sensitive data is secure and compliant.

Your data travels far and wide, but it doesn't have to expose you to risks and compliance violations. We aim to empower data security, compliance, and governance professionals like you. With Guardium Insights SaaS DSPM, you can automate the mapping and classification of sensitive data found in Cloud Workloads (AWS, Azure, GCP) and SaaS applications (SharePoint, OneDrive, Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Confluence, and more).

Guardium Insights SaaS provides an all-access ticket to a comprehensive data inventory and data movement analysis across the cloud while uncovering gaps in data policies and posture through four avenues:

– Data Visibility: Discover structured, unstructured, and shadow data that is rapidly expanding in your cloud workloads and SaaS applications

– Data Classification: Automate the process of sensitive data labeling to understand the type of data and how it needs to be protected

– Data Movement: Analyze potential and actual flow of data in and across the cloud, while identifying data access and permissions

– Data Protection: Uncover gaps in data and compliance controls to help maintain a robust data security posture

This gives the organization a crystal-clear view of its posture - where sensitive and critical data resides, how it's entitled, how it is being used, and vulnerabilities that may surround it.

In addition to pinpointing exposed data, we reduce your attack surface, by discovering shadow data, mapping data entitlements and flow, and remediating uncovered vulnerabilities in the data stores. Continuous monitoring helps to keep organizations ahead of security hazards and compliance issues.

Our plug-and-play DSPM software connects within minutes, offering instant value to security professionals enabling them to answer critical questions about their cloud data. Now, you can elevate your data security strategy and ensure the safety of your sensitive information in the cloud with DSPM .

Join us for our community webinar on Nov 15th to learn how DSPM can help secure your cloud data and applications.