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The Maas360 home page device count now reflects only enrolled & active devices

By Prasad Balasubramanian posted Tue May 09, 2023 03:40 AM


There’s a change that we’re making in the home page. Starting from today, the count of devices on the home page is being changed to show only active and enrolled devices.  Now, it’s going to show only the devices that are actively consuming a license. When you click on this device count number, it will take the user to the device inventory view and the device inventory view will show only active and enrolled devices with licenses assigned. User removed control & mailbox synced devices will not be part of this view anymore.

An administrator landing on the devices view page from the devices -> Inventory menu would also see the same view as above by default, with the count reflecting only active and enrolled devices. There are filters for all other device states, and the admins can use those filters to view devices in other states in this devices view page. 

Devices that are pending control removal will have the licenses removed as soon as the devices receive this action. For devices that did not get the action for a prolonged time for some reason, the admin can hide such devices, which will remove the license from them. Unless hidden, these devices would continue to be included in the devices count shown on the homepage as it is consuming licenses actively.

Lastly, if your account is activated with license management, then the total number of consumed licenses shown in Setup -> Licenses overview page across all bundles, will match devices count present at the home page right top corner.