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MaaS360 Extends Same Day Support for Windows 10 20H1

By Prasad Balasubramanian posted Mon June 01, 2020 11:46 AM


The MaaS360 team is excited to announce the availability of same-day support for Windows 10 20H1, also referred to as version 2004. Our goal is to provide continuity of the MaaS360 features regardless of where you are on your migration.

What does this mean for MaaS360 users?

Whether you upgrade your existing Windows 10 endpoints managed by MaaS360 to 20H1 or are enrolling brand-new devices installed with Windows 10 20H1, all the device- and application-level management features of MaaS360 are available for you today.

The following functionalities will work “as is” on 20H1/v2004 on devices managed through MaaS360:

  • Diverse enrollment methods, including Windows Autopilot
  • Real-time actions including Locate, Message, Lock, Wipe, Change Policy/Rule Set
  • All available inventory categories 
  • Endpoint Security Status: out of box identification and status on a wide variety of security services and suites
  • Servicing, including Delivery Optimization (DO) and Update Management
  • Policies: Settings, Restrictions, App Compliance, Windows Information Protection, etc.
  • Application management: support for MSI/EXE/.appx and .appx bundles
  • Script Management: distribute and run, .bat, .cmd, .reg, vbs, .py and .ps
  • MaaS360 App, Secure Browser, MES agents, MaaS360 VPN, etc.
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM): laptop and desktop management functionalities
  • Granular OS patch Management capabilities

What happens next?


If your strategy is to help your end-users quickly embrace the latest controls and features that 20H1provides, you are already a step ahead; MaaS360 supports it right away. You can run the required tests on modern management and UEM capabilities immediately and roll it out to your floor faster.

Important Note:  Microsoft has stopped releasing Windows 10 builds for Windows phones. So, the 20H1 build works only on laptops, desktops, and tablets. 

Based on feedback from clients, the 20H1 release can be an important part of your IT and security strategy and the MaaS360 product and team are ready. If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact your account manager.