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IBM TechXchange is Bigger and Better in 2023!

By Pirabu Pathmasenan posted Thu August 10, 2023 01:39 PM


A Little Info About my Sessions in Vegas!!!

Session Title:

Data Intelligence Revolution for Enhanced Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Leverage Guardium to Evaluate and detect untrusted application connections to your Crown Jewels!

Session Description:  This year I’m excited to share that I will be presenting two hands-on lab at IBM TechXchange conference at the MGM in Las Vegas.  I’ve presented many times at Las Vegas conferences and it’s always a great place to meet new clients, connect with existing ones and most importantly have the opportunity to share IBM vision and mission all in once place.  My labs this year will focus on helping our clients with their security, privacy and compliance initiatives and challenges and learn how our AI infused solutions can help discover and classify data through our data-at-rest and data-in-motion scanning techniques, how to evaluate and detect threats to your crown jewels, and how to automate and orchestrate response for a better overall security posture.   Don’t miss these labs where you will not only have an opportunity to learn about the importance of data security but how to leverage it within your organization for real-time business results.

Session ID:

1396 - Next Generation Data Intelligence to Support Security, Privacy and Compliance

4887 - Leverage Guardium to Evaluate and detect untrusted application connections to your Crown Jewels!

Date / Time:  TBD

Location: TDB

Top 3 things that will be Discussed or Learned:

Importance of data security

How to protect your critical and sensitive data assets

How to build a better data security posture with IBM Security

Make sure you register: TechXchange Conference from Sept 11-Sept 14th in Las Vegas.

Two Truths and a Lie About Me ... Can you Guess ?

“I used to play the Trombone and part of a band.”

“I sang the national anthem at a Toronto Blue Jays game.”

“I have travelled to over 20+ countries”

Lightening Round with Pirabu:

  • What would be your superpower and why? Be able to fly – so that I can fly for free
  • Ice cream or cake?  Cake
  • Cats or dogs?  dogs
  • Summer or winter? Summer
  • Morning or evening? Morning
  • eBook or paper book? Paper Book
  • TV shows or movies?  Movies
  • A night out or a night in?  A night out
  • Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first?  Cannonball into the pool
  • Go-to karaoke song?  “I want it that way”
  • Drive or Fly? "Fly"

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