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Upcoming webinar "Secure Remote Access: OpenVPN with RADIUS and MFA using IBM Verify SaaS"

By Peter Volckaert posted Tue March 14, 2023 12:04 PM


Hi Community!

On Wednesday, March 22, at 1 PM CET, @Yves Debeer and myself will be hosting a webinar to showcase how to secure VPN access with Verify SaaS's MFA capabilities. The focus is again on showing things - "show, don't tell".

So the use case is "remote access with MFA when using a VPN". Similar to what's described in the MFA Everywhere cookbook, we're using OpenVPN as an example VPN and the IBM Security Verify Gateway for RADIUS to integrate with Verify SaaS.

Here's an overview picture:

We will cover - amongst other

  • The 'so what?' of this remote access use case.
  • How to setup the free OpenVPN for remote access.
  • How to configure the OpenVPN to use RADIUS for authentication
  • How to configure the solution for MFA with Verify SaaS
  • How your employees can then access a network through the VPN by simply presenting their fingerprint or face or by pushing the 'Approve' button on their IBM Verify authenticator. See the screenshot below.

IBM Verify authenticator app prompting the user to confirm the sign in to the VPN


Registration is not required, just go our Twitch channel and hop on in.

For all you techies out there: the setup of the demo is described in great detail in this blog:

You can also refer to this link on LinkedIn to share the invite:

See you on Wednesday!


- Peter Volckaert