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Webinar "Unleash the Potential of Endpoint Management with MaaS360" of February 21, 2023

By Peter Volckaert posted Wed March 01, 2023 01:32 PM


Hi Community,

On February 21, 2023, my colleague Yves Debeer and myself gave a webinar on MaaS360. Here's a one-slider on what MaaS360 is about:

MaaS360 is IBM Security's UEM - Unified Endpoint Management - solution.  It's a SaaS solution to manage endpoints of a company. The term "endpoint" goes beyond mobile devices in this context. It also includes Windows, MacOS and Chromebook workstations and laptops, printers, shared devices like scanning devices used in retail, and other IoT things.

MaaS360 helps to deploy endpoints, but it also has a key role to play in securing your endpoints. Endpoints are an important attack vector in the world of cybersecurity, every enterprise should have an endpoint security policy ... and enforce that policy.  MaaS360 is well-positioned to secure endpoints with its rich history within UEM, the embedded cool IBM Trusteer technology, and the long list of integrations with other applications like TeamViewer, IBM Security Verify Access, IBM Security Verify SaaS, zScaler and so on.

The webinar aimed to give a quick overview of the product and focuses on demoing the product. So it's all in the spirit of our IBM Security Belux User Group's mantra "Show, Don't Tell" :-)

What we've done is captured in the YouTube video which is available at

The below table always you to directly jump to the part you'd like to see:

Time Chapter in YouTube Description
0:00 Webinar Introduction Introduction, round-table
1:50 UEM Overview We explain what UEM is about, and explain our MaaS360 capabilities and use cases it can solve.
6:28 Demo introduction A short intro to the demo environment: a MaaS360 and an Android smartphone
8:20 Demo: User creation We show how a MaaS360 admin manually creates a user in MaaS360.
11:56 Demo: User self-enrollment We show how the newly created user self-enrolls to MaaS360, thereby installing the MaaS360 app on her Android phone.
20:45 Demo: Walkthrough in MaaS360 portal We show what happened on the MaaS360 server's side: the user and her device are now 'coupled', the management has begun...
23:38 Demo: Distribution of an app We show how to distribute an app, namely zScaler, to the user's Android phone
33:00 Demo: Enforce MaaS360 policy

We discuss the MaaS360 policy for the demo. Amongst other this policy enforces a passcode of 6 numeric characters and flags the TikTok app as 'forbidden to use'.

44:45 Demo: Result of policy enforcement

We show how the end-user will experience the applied policy on the Android phone: she will have to change the login method from 'pattern' to a6-digit passcode and will no longer be able to use TikTok.

48:30 Outro

Finally, we show how MaaS360 can make the end-user's phone do a 'buzz' and how to determine the exact location of the phone.

The accompanying presentation can be found on in the Library on this LINK 


  - Peter