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QRadar now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

By Patrick Routh posted Wed October 09, 2019 01:27 PM


QRadar is now available to be deployed on the Google Cloud Platform

IBM QRadar now has three listings on the Google Cloud Marketplace for customers to deploy Console, Managed Host, or App Host appliances to run on virtual machines on Google Compute Engine.


QRadar in the Google Cloud Marketplace enables customers to:

  • Expand upon existing QRadar deployments and gain visibility into Google Cloud Platform environments to provide security monitoring across the enterprise
  • Migrate existing QRadar deployments from an on premises environment into GCP
  • Support new QRadar customers seeking to deploy a virtual instance of QRadar in GCP


Navigating the Google Cloud Marketplace – IBM QRadar

1. Go to

2. Search for “IBM QRadar”

3. Choose from the available QRadar Console, Managed Host, or App Host images to deploy in Google Compute Engine.
  • QRadar v7.3.2 P1
  • RHEL v7.5

4. Click on “Launch on Compute Engine” and start the Configure and Deploy steps of the installation following the outlined steps on the IBM Knowledge Center from the links below. 

Customers are able to choose to deploy QRadar in regions and availability zones based on geography (see complete list of Google Cloud regions here).

QRadar Installation Documentation – v7.3.2 P1


QRadar Images Overview

  • Images consists of QRadar software bundled with a Red Hat Virtual Machine Image hosted in Google Cloud
  • Images enable customers to deploy QRadar instance(s) in Google Cloud
  • Customers will be responsible for the full administration of the instance
  • Virtual appliances can also be assigned to a Network Address Translation (NAT) group


License Procurement - Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

  • Customers are able to use existing QRadar license entitlements and bring them to Google Cloud to apply to QRadar instances
  • Software Node licenses are required per instance launched, in addition to EPS and Flow capacity (if applicable)
  • Sales and transactions occur through IBM Sales engagements and IBM Passport Advantage


Infrastructure Costs

  • Customers will receive monthly charges from Google for infrastructure compute usage for all QRadar instances launched on GCP
  • Google Cloud Link:


IBM Support

  • IBM Support costs, RedHat license entitlements, and QRadar Software costs are baked into the Software Node License
  • IBM Support covers all QRadar deployments across on premises and cloud environments

Patrick Routh
IBM Offering Manager - QRadar Cloud Security