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Announcing Verify Privilege Server Suite: unify PAM across multiple operating systems and accelerate zero trust

By Patrick Ancipink posted Fri November 19, 2021 12:20 PM


Microsoft Active Directory has a long history of providing a powerful and extensive management platform for Windows systems. But today’s enterprise environment includes more than Windows systems as the flexibility and scale of Linux and UNIX drive hybrid cloud growth, leaving IT with alternative and decentralized methods and controls for identity and access management. The result can be inconsistent policy enforcement, vulnerability gaps that cybercriminals know how to exploit, and failed audits.  


To remedy this situation, we are proud to announce the availability of IBM Security Verify Privilege Server Suite On-Premises. With it you can secure Linux and UNIX environments using the same authentication and Group Policy services currently used for Windows. Whether your IT infrastructure is exclusively on-premises, in the cloud, spread across multiple clouds, or a combination thereof, you can now consistently govern privileged access from Active Directory. Verify Privilege’s capabilities to implement zero standing privileges, consisting of just enough and just-in-time privilege, can help you accelerate achievement of zero trust objectives across a heterogenous infrastructure. 


There are other tools that attempt to achieve the same end as Verify Privilege Server Suite, but they fall short in providing a unified product that both IT and security teams can use efficiently. The new Verify product also provides true AD bridging and identity consolidation to deliver the full functionality of AD to the *Nix platforms.  


Verify Privilege Server Suite comprises three core services that work together to fully protect your Windows, Linux, and UNIX estates against identity-based attacks.  


  • Authentication Service: consolidate user identities by extending Active Directory (AD) benefits to Linux and UNIX by natively joining them to AD, thus securing access to these systems consistently, using the same authentication and Group Policy services currently deployed for your Windows systems.  
  • Privilege Elevation Service: acts as a policy enforcement point to control privilege elevation on Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. Assigning just enough privilege based on a job function increases security and accountability. 
  • Audit & Monitoring Service: Gain full accountability and visibility into all privileged activity and tie everything back to the individual by recording and managing a holistic view across Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers. 


Verify Privilege Server Suite is available immediately and we invite you to join us on a Community webinar webinar on December 2nd where we will present the most popular use cases, share what true AD bridging offers, and answer any questions you have. Consult the resources below if you’d like to learn more right now.  


For questions about pricing and purchasing Verify Privilege Server Suite, please contact your IBM Sales representative.