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Google once again validates IBM Security MaaS360 for Android Enterprise Recommended criteria for EMMs

By Patrick Ancipink posted Wed March 18, 2020 11:52 AM


In January, 2019, we were proud to announce that MaaS360 was an inaugural member of the newly created Android Enterprise Recommended program for Enterprise Mobility Management  (EMM) solutions. This validation assures our customers that MaaS360 meets stringent criteria to fully support the security, productivity and scalability features that Google continues to add to Android Enterprise management sets. But we won’t rest on our laurels, the continued growth of Android Enterprise across BYOD, corporate owned and dedicated devices brings a new set of use cases, challenges and opportunities.

To that end, our continued participation in the Android Enterprise Recommended program celebrates another milestone with the notification that MaaS360 has once again reached the highest level of validation for EMM criteria.

And what does all this mean to you, our MaaS360 users?

In short, additional enhancements and benefits beyond what you already enjoy! The combination of Android Enterprise with MaaS360 now delivers even more benefits to you through:

  • Zero-touch enrollment with out-of-the-box configuration and simple one-time setup for any size deployments
  • COSU enhancements to reduce tampering with kiosk setup, enhance UX, and improve IT staff effectiveness through remote administration and troubleshooting
  • Stronger, more granular security controls for devices and apps such as passcode policies
  • Direct-boot awareness to protect against data theft, data loss or device inactivity
  • Sophisticated update management reduces gaps in BYOD security; pause updates and test your applications before roll out; and prevent breaking business critical applications
  • Better application provisioning and management for private, public and web applications—e.g., web applications can be auto wrapped into a native Android application without the need for development
  • Zero-day OEM specific features support for vendors like Samsung, Zebra, Kyocera, Honeywell and more via OEMConfig
  • Education and support material for organizations to address Google’s Device Admin (DA) deprecation challenges

If you want to learn more about these features please check out this on-demand webinar co-presented by IBM Security MaaS360 and Google Android experts.

Finally, I encourage you to visit the Android Enterprise Recommended Solutions Directory where you’ll find more about the EMM criteria and MaaS360 qualification, as well as resources for certified device vendors, zero-touch resellers, and MSPs. (Note: the Solutions Directory is in the process of being updated with the new criteria so you may not see all of the enhancements documented at this time. I will update this blog when the updates are confirmed.)

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Wed March 18, 2020 01:51 PM

This is great news and indication of IBM being in step with how the Industry is moving!