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IBM Security launches MaaS360 on the AWS marketplace

By OLGA MADALINA BARBU posted Tue May 09, 2023 03:42 AM


Co-Authored Blog by: Madalina Barbu & Teresa Rollins

IBM Security MaaS360, one of the main Unified Endpoint Management solutions in the market, is now available for purchase on
Amazon Web Services (AWS)  marketplace.. MaaS360 is a SaaS Unified Endpoint Management solution which helps IT professionals manage devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and purpose-built devices, users, data and apps in a centralized, efficient, and user-friendly way. 

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. MaaS360’s main benefits are:

  •         Easily manage and secure various OSs such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, iPadOS,FireOS, and ChromeOS from one place
  •         Manages and protects various endpoints laptops, desktops, mobile phones, wearables, and ruggedized, allowing clients to use only one platform instead of multiple apps.
  •         Manages and protects purpose-built devices, used by the frontline workers in various industries
  •         Remote, “over-the-air” management and remote control functions on devices
  •         Built in Threat Management including SMS and Email Phishing, Excess App Permissions (Android), and many more.
  •         Integration with other security tools including the Microsoft Ecosystem and Productivity apps, TeamViewer and the IBM Security ecosystem.
  •         Easy to start and deploy, with a simple, self- service provisioning process

Clients can purchase through the AWS marketplace the MaaS360 Essentials, MaaS360 Enterprise plans, as well as bundles such as MaaS360 Essentials + TeamViewer and MaaS360 Enterprise + TeamViewer. MaaS360’s popular, 30 days free trial is also integrated and available on the AWS platform, thus providing  clients the opportunity to test MaaS360 on different platforms. The AWS Marketplace listing is available here. 

Why AWS?

The MaaS360 SaaS platform hosted in the AWS Cloud providing organizations the agility needed to achieve faster time to market with the elasticity and availability they get from using AWS as an infrastructure provider. They also see business value in the growing portfolio of AWS native services, which are each built for scale, resilience, security, and agility without the customer having to solve these challenges themselves. For customers with mission critical workloads, they can rest easy knowing that AWS and IBM are working together to ensure highly available and secure workloads. By utilizing SaaS products built on AWS, IT professionals can focus on what is essential for their organizations while AWS and IBM take care of the underlying infrastructure and software respectively. 
Integrations between AWS and IBM products and services allows IBM customers to increase the value of their IBM investments by combining those with the value from AWS. 

Why AWS Marketplace?
In addition to MaaS360 being hosted on AWS, the ability to transact through the AWS Marketplace offers clients additional benefits as outlined in the The Total Economic Impact™ of using AWS Marketplace Forrester study

  •        Increased licensing flexibility. Using AWS Marketplace leads to an increase in licensing flexibility, which resulted in a 10% reduction in licensing costs.
  •        Streamlined procurement practices. The time spent in searching for and selecting vendors was reduced by 66%, and the time spent performing invoicing tasks was reduced by 50%, as well as use of standard contract  templates all led to $2 million in efficiency savings.
  •        Recapturing 25% of at-risk spend. Companies that have minimum spend commitments with AWS and purchase software through AWS Marketplace can fulfill their spend commitments and recapture 25% of at-risk spend.
  •        Improved vendor onboarding. Companies improved their vendor onboarding processes, reducing the effort required to onboard a new vendor by 75% and a time savings equating to $62,000.

These benefits scale with the number and size of procurement transactions using AWS Marketplace.

IBM is an AWS Premier Tier Services partner with AWS, with all 3 Security competencies – Security Services Competency, Security Software Competency, and Level 1 MSSP Services competency and is the only AWS Security partner to obtain all 3 Security competencies.  IBM Security continues to launch more security solutions for AWS customers, available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace. Together, IBM and AWS continue to deliver on the shared commitment of fostering client success; providing the guidance and resources necessary to securely migrate and modernize to AWS Cloud.