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What cyber security can teach us about covid 19 testing

By ODED SOFER posted Thu March 26, 2020 03:24 PM

First, I hope and pray the epidemic will end soon. I wish you all health. The elusive-virus commits us all to be responsible to the our friends, to strangers, to the least-immune, and to the entire world.

What is the connection between cyber and corona? Well in both cases, the threat should be detected among a very large group of possible infected. This includes the unknown area (i.e., people with no symptom).

In other words, searching under-the-radar by smart-sampling is as crucial as the test of the "suspicious" people who carry the relevant symptoms. It might be even more important! In my previous post,  Autonomous Guard , I explained how Guardium implemented Smart Sampling algorithm for Risk-Spotter and automated data security. The objective of this algorithm is to optimize-the-resources to search under-the-radar, to deal with the unknown. In the following post, Hagit, our partner from the academy, explains how our algorithm for identifying risk is relevant for the Corona: what-cyber-security-can-teach-us-about-covid-19-testing-2d6d8a3ab0b3