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Securing API Client access over the trusted IPs

By Nilesh Atal posted Fri May 21, 2021 08:35 AM


IBM Security Verify provides a vast collection of APIs which developers can leverage to build their own programming. In order to secure API access, an API client needs to be created which is used to generate the access token. Access token has powerful capability and hence use of these tokens need to be constrained over legitimate network. IBM Verify provides a way to define allowed / restricted list of network IPs for each API client.


Tenant administrator can define the allowed / restricted list of network IPs while creating the API client.
  • Login to Verify as Tenant administrator
  • Navigate to Configuration > API acces > API clients

  • Click Add API client
  • Select Entitlements

  • Click Next
  • Click Next on Custom scopes
  • On IP filter step select checkbox for Enable IP filtering
  • Define Allow list / Deny list

  • Click Next on Additional properties step
  • Provide Name and Description on Confirm configuration step

  • Click Create API client
  • Newly created API client is ready to consume

Now the newly created API client can only be used over the allowed network IPs. IBM Verify will restrict the client if any request is not from the allowed IP list.

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