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The IBM AppExchange Continues to Expand With SOAR Integrations!

By Nick Barrett posted Wed September 20, 2023 02:24 PM


Hello QRadar SOAR Community,

By now, most of the SOAR Community should be familiar with and/or leveraging Playbooks for your incident response processes.

Playbook Designer is the next step in the evolution of automation design and development. Automation teams can leverage a graphical user-interface that uses conditions to trigger the playbook and organize various customizations into a comprehensive set of actions.

Traditionally, playbooks were created using rules and workflows. Rules can be used to define the conditions necessary to trigger a workflow, and the subsequent activities that follow.

Over the last six months, the QRadar SOAR app development team has been working to convert traditional rules and workflows of existing SOAR integrations, into out-of-the-box playbooks. As of September 20th, 2023, we have converted 27 existing SOAR apps totaling 236 playbooks overall.

To search for which SOAR apps have out-of-the-box playbooks, simply navigate to the left-side menu bar to filter; select ‘QRadar SOAR’ under Products and select ‘Playbooks’ under Content Type.

Here you can see the individual apps available with playbooks. Navigate to the ‘Contents’ section of the app description to see the available playbook count for that specific integration.

As always, your feedback is appreciated as we continue to push out updated integration content, including out-of-the-box playbooks for our customers to leverage.

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Tue October 03, 2023 07:18 AM

Thanks for your update and the work your team is doing to make this possible