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*Survey Opportunity* - IBM Storage: Current and Desired Experience for Data Resiliency

By Nick Barrett posted Fri May 05, 2023 07:03 PM


Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly frequent and more severe. IT leaders are making cyber resilience a top priority - they want to leverage their existing solutions to keep their data safe, but disaster recovery is not cyber resilience. Cyber resilience issues aren’t as cut and dry as knowing a data center was down last Thursday at 4PM.

At IBM, we want to make cyber resiliency as efficient as possible for your organizations: protecting your information supply chain from cyberattacks, hardware failure, disasters, and other threats. We want to help you get the key components of your organization up and running quickly.

We’re conducting a quick 5-minute survey to gather the unique perspectives of storage administrators, VM admins, Kubernetes admins, infrastructure teams, security teams, and recovery teams and their journey with cyber resiliency.

Your feedback will help us understand your needs, and to design and create a solution to meet those needs. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

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