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IBM Champion Spotlight: Jose Arias

By Namitha K posted Mon February 12, 2024 05:37 AM


Meet our new Champion Jose Arias from Broadcom who is working as a Mainframe Security Specialist. Embarking on a captivating mainframe journey a quarter of a century ago, his journey started as a mere operator and paved the way for a remarkable ascent within the tech industry. Quickly rising to a pivotal role in Scheduling, Jose found himself at the helm of a dedicated team of operators. This was just the beginning of an exhilarating adventure that would lead him to discover his true calling in the realm of mainframe security. Over the past decade, he has proudly stood as a vanguard in the field, leveraging his passion for safeguarding systems. This transformative period has been fortified by the prestigious CISSP certification, a symbol of his commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. At Broadcom, his career trajectory took an extraordinary turn, propelling him to new heights and allowing to convert his expertise into a compelling mission. Today, Jose is on a quest to revolutionize the utilization of IBM mainframes, fueled by the desire to empower a fresh wave of mainframers with cutting-edge knowledge.

 Jose’s favourite IBM product would undoubtedly be the IBM Mainframe; “Practically my entire professional career has revolved around these giants, which were predicted to disappear from the market before I even got my first job, and it's been over 25 years now. My admiration for IBM Mainframes stems from their remarkable robustness, processing capacity, scalability, and security. These attributes make Mainframes a cornerstone in the tech industry. Their robustness ensures unparalleled reliability, capable of handling vast volumes of transactions with ease. The processing capacity of Mainframes is unmatched, enabling them to manage extensive data and complex computations efficiently. Furthermore, their scalability allows for seamless expansion to meet growing business needs without compromising performance or security. The security features of IBM Mainframes are top-notch, providing a fortified environment for critical data and applications. This aspect is crucial in today's digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats are rampant. Additionally, Mainframes' ability to stay modern and lead within a hybrid solution architecture is incredibly valuable. They integrate smoothly with new technologies, ensuring businesses can leverage the best of both traditional and modern IT infrastructures. This adaptability and leadership role make Mainframes indispensable for enterprises seeking robust, secure, and scalable IT solutions”.

Jose’s favorite type of advocacy is writing’; “From a young age, despite choosing a technical career path, I've always had a knack for writing and have excelled in it. In my country, public speaking isn't widely encouraged, but it's something I've grown to love and am actively working on improving.  As I continue to develop my public speaking skills, I cherish the opportunity to connect with people in different formats, but writing remains my preferred and strongest form of advocacy”.

Jose’s lifelong commitment for community engagement and sharing knowledge motivates him to give back to the technology community, and to become a Champion; he adds, “Since my early years, I've been involved in various capacities, including advocating for and contributing to the open-source community. This background laid the foundation for my passion for helping others and sharing expertise. My role at Broadcom further amplifies this passion, as it enables me to more effectively contribute to the community. This commitment to community support and knowledge sharing is what truly drives my engagement as an IBM Champion”.

He is particularly proud of the opportunity he got to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry at his company, witnessing firsthand how their clients continue to invest in and rely on mainframe technology. Additionally, his career as a photographer has been a source of immense pride, with his work gaining international recognition, numerous publications, and global exhibitions. He says, “However, the crowning achievement of my life, and what fills me with the most pride, is my family. My daughter, who is about to turn three, and my wife, are my greatest joys. It's a bittersweet sentiment, as I deeply wish my father, the finest person I've ever known, could have been here to share in these moments. His absence is profoundly felt, but the legacy of love and inspiration he left behind continues to be a guiding light in my life”.

If he didn't work in technology field, his dream job would be quite a departure from the current field. While he has always engaged in part-time or occasional pursuits, such as photography or activities related to tourism, his passion has evolved over time. He says; “Today, if you were to ask me, I would absolutely love to be part of a European professional cycling team, working with them at various races around the world. The idea of being immersed in the vibrant, dynamic world of professional cycling, contributing to a team's success while experiencing the thrill of competition across different countries, truly excites me. This dream reflects my love for sports, teamwork, and the desire to explore and embrace challenges in diverse environment”.

Recently he has discussed ACF2 at the GSE UK Security Working Group Meeting (on February 8th). Additionally, he is likely to be at the Broadcom Mainframe Technical Exchange in Prague from April 16-18, and also he is hoping to participate in the GSE UK 2024 Virtual Conference. These events present fantastic opportunities to share knowledge, learn from peers, and engage with the broader tech community.

Lightning round:

 What would be your superpower and why? My superpower would be the ability to passionately share the things I love with others, inspiring them to also find joy in these experiences. A recent example that highlights this ability occurred during a public speaking course. I presented on Asturias, where I live — This idyllic region combines the tranquility of untouched nature with the vibrancy of Asturian culture. Remarkably, one of my classmates was so inspired by my presentation that they booked flight tickets to Asturias just a few hours later. I find this to be an incredible testament to the power of passionate sharing, and I am committed to ensuring their trip will be unforgettable!

• Ice cream or cake? As a true foodie, my preference between ice cream and cake would vary depending on the situation and what's on offer.

• Cats or dogs? I'm quite fond of dogs, but I have a British Shorthair cat, and it offers me much more freedom of movement.

 Summer or winter? SUMMER

• Morning or evening? I would instinctively say evening without a second thought, but with age, I've come to enjoy the mornings just as much.

• eBook or paper book? Paper books, for they can be touched, smelled, and also serve as collectibles.

• TV shows or movies? With the right amount of time, both can be thoroughly enjoyed.

• A night out or a night in? Lately, I find myself enjoying a night in more, to make the most out of the following day out. This hasn't always been the case...

• Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Having been born next to a sea that many wouldn't consider warm, and having surfed in the dead of winter... you always have to dive in headfirst!

• Go-to karaoke song?  I'd try my best not to embarrass myself while attempting to imitate Freddie Mercury!

• Drive or fly? I would choose to drive. The great thing about driving is being able to enjoy the journey and make unexpected stops along the way.

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