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Hackers love your privileged accounts – Secure them with IBM Security Verify Privilege

By MRINALINI RANJAN posted Tue February 23, 2021 12:34 PM


Do you know how many Privileged Accounts you have? Would you be surprised if I tell you it will be roughly 2X the number of workstations you have? In fact, in over 70% of breaches, privileged accounts are abused.

Digital transformations can empower an efficient workforce, but also raise the stakes for privileged access risk. In order to stay secure, companies must arm themselves with solutions that protect privileged accounts and users. IBM’s easily installable, scalable and customizable PAM solution - IBM Security Verify Privilege - can be used for the multiple use cases detailed below.

Never trust, Always Verify, Enforce Least Privilege

Moreover, as organizations move towards migrating workloads to the cloud, it’s crucial to protect both on-premises and cloud assets. At IBM, we advocate a Zero Trust policy, which involves implementing a least-privilege solution on employee workstations and personal devices — often the most vulnerable points in your IT system. Verify Privilege helps customers to address privileged access use cases across hybrid multi-cloud environments and managing privileges for IT administrators, non-human identities, developers, business users and remote workers

The Protective Security Ecosystem

The PAM world is filled with single solution players – IBM isn’t one of them. It is our holistic approach to managing privileged accounts that really sets us apart; Verify Privilege’s unique integrations with key IBM solutions will help you simplify processes and get your work done, while meeting compliance mandates and decreasing risk.

Looking for more information? We invite you to join our upcoming Tech Day - an interactive digital session where you’ll learn more about modernizing your workforce with PAM.

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