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Secret Server is now IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault! Announcing 10.9 Release

By MRINALINI RANJAN posted Tue September 22, 2020 09:18 AM


IBM Security Secret Server (On-Premises & SaaS) is now officially IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault, and IBM Security Privilege Manager is now IBM Security Verify Privilege Manager! This is part of our continued efforts to unite under a single brand: IBM Security Verify, and our mission remains to provide smart identity for the hybrid multicloud world.

Version 10.9 is now available, and can help you reduce the risk of cyber attack and protect your most sensitive data with privileged access management, application control and endpoint privilege security.

Security Verify Privilege Vault On-Premises 10.9 (formerly IBM Security Secret Server)

Verify Privilege Vault On-Premises continues to help organizations keep their privileged accounts secure from hackers and insider threats, to help ensure compliance, and to let authorized employees to seamlessly gain access to the tools they need to drive productivity.

This solution now offers the following enhancements:

  • Discovery and management of Google Cloud Identity and Access Management Service Accounts
  • User and group directory synchronization with Azure Active Directory and LDAP
  • Clientless session recording using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Entitlement to Security Verify

Security Verify Privilege Vault Replication On-Premises – NEW!

For multiple geographic locations, this new offering supports SQL replication which is used if each location needs its own active copy of Security Verify Privilege Vault On-Premises at all times.

Security Verify Privilege Vault Remote On-Premises (formerly IBM Security Secret Server Remote On-Premise)

Security Verify Privilege Vault Remote On-Premises provides an advanced remote connection management solution with one place to manage and interact with multiple remote sessions. Enhancements include:

  • Can import connection data from third-party tools to provide a migration path for organizations using other connection management tools
  • Delivers dynamic resolution change to improve product usability
  • Includes favorites support for Security Verify Privilege Vault Remote and Security Verify Privilege Vault connections

Security Verify Privilege Vault (formerly IBM Security Secret Server SaaS)

  • A new add-on, IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault Analytics for Security Verify Privilege Vault, delivers privileged behavior analytics by importing and analyzing all secret and user history from Security Verify Privilege Vault On-Premises or Security Verify Privilege Vault. Security Verify Privilege Vault Analytics connects seamlessly to existing security and IT software, and can automatically take administrative action using Security Verify Privilege Vault, send alert notifications in Slack, or open a ticket in ServiceNow.

IBM Security Verify Privilege Manager (formerly IBM Security Privilege Manager)

Implementing and enforcing a least privileged security posture takes planning, collaboration, and tools that make life easy for security, IT, desktop support, and users.

Enhancements available with this release of Security Verify Privilege Manager:

  • New user interface and user experience
  • Enhanced upgrade process for on-premises instances so that Security Verify Privilege Manager now checks if updates are available and downloads details prior to proceeding
  • The Application User Activity report that provides audit details for user activities like logins and logouts

IBM Security Verify Privilege On-Premises, a new FlexPoint bundle

Organizations can now purchase all of the capabilities of the Security Verify Privilege portfolio using Security Verify Privilege On-Premises, an on-premises FlexPoint bundle.

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