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Adopting modernized identity governance in a hybrid world

By MRINALINI RANJAN posted Tue September 08, 2020 10:26 AM


Co-Authored by Erika Weiler.

With today’s complex IT requirements, organizations often craft a hybrid multicloud environment with applications living on-premises, in a private cloud and as software-as-a-service (SaaS). This has made it difficult to enforce identity and governance policies, leading to the proliferation of risky users. With that, there is a need for a new, modern approach to identity governance and administration (IGA). The right approach considers flexible delivery methods, identity analytics and machine learning. The IBM Security modernized approach to IGA is designed for hybrid environments and brings consistent identity and governance policies throughout rapidly evolving enterprises while identifying and mitigating risk.

Please join us on September 17th for a virtual Tech Day event to explore the benefits of a modern IGA deployment which can be achieved with both IBM Security Verify SaaS and IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM).

This interactive digital experience will feature presentations and demos from our product experts who will delve into how Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) will enable you to more quickly adapt to evolving business requirements with a smaller footprint and faster time-to-value. During the Tech Day event, we will go over the latest updates to the Identity Governance product portfolio, as well as deep-dives into value adding use cases including but not limited to:

Provisioning from Verify SaaS

Enable automatic provisioning and deprovisioning for applications with SCIM and provide users with self-service options to request access to applications and reset and manage their own passwords.

Watch the video below
to see how you can use IBM Security Verify SaaS provides bridge for governing users and groups to on-premise Active Directory.


Access Recertification from Verify SaaS

Streamline joiner-mover-leaver provisioning processes and implement a periodic recertification cadence for higher risk applications to meet compliance mandates. Access Recertification with any application onboarded in Verify SaaS (SaaS/Custom/on-prem applications). 


Identity Analytics

An influx in digital identities has led to poor identity management practices. Identity analytics is the key to cleaning up deployments and proactively mitigating risks across your enterprise. Powered by machine learning, optimize processes with smart decision support and seamless remediation.

Watch the video below to see how to incorporate risk awareness into your existing IGA deployment.

Looking for more information? We invite you to join our upcoming Tech Day, an interactive digital session where you’ll learn how to add features from IBM Security Verify SaaS to IBM Security Identity Manager.

Were you able to join the interactive Tech Day session on September 17th? If not, the replay is now published in the Security Learning Academy and can be found here: