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By Mohammed Daoud posted Tue March 19, 2024 02:56 AM


MaaS360 Android chrome custom tabs support


Security is of utmost importance in web authentication, especially in the context of Android devices where vulnerabilities like those found in WebView can pose significant risks. WebView, commonly used for authentication, lacks robust security features, making it susceptible to threats such as exposing URLs, compromising OAuth implementations, and providing inadequate protection against malicious websites and phishing attempts.

Addressing these shortcomings is crucial as they can lead to unauthorised access to sensitive data, compromise user privacy, and undermine the integrity of the authentication process. Implementing secure alternatives like Chrome Custom Tabs not only enhances security by leveraging Chrome's robust features but also ensures a seamless and protected browsing experience for users during authentication on Android devices. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also fosters trust and confidence in the authentication system, ultimately safeguarding user data and preserving organisational reputation.

Advantage for chrome custom tabs

  • Chrome Custom Tabs, endorsed by Google for in-app webpage display, ensure up-to-date security features inherited from Chrome, advantageous in contrast to WebView's potential security risks during OAuth-based authentication and single sign-on session disruption.

  • Unlike WebView, Chrome Custom Tabs lack support for certificate-based authentication for MSAL, but activating browser features like Data Saver accelerates content loading.

  • Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) offer numerous benefits over WebView for authentication:

    • Improved User Experience: Utilising Chrome's rendering engine, Chrome Custom Tabs provide a seamless browsing experience, familiar to Chrome users, reducing friction during authentication.
    • Enhanced Security: Leveraging Chrome's security features like Safe Browsing, Chrome Custom Tabs provide an additional layer of security, safeguarding user credentials and sensitive information from malicious websites.
    • Performance Optimisation: Chrome Custom Tabs are optimised for performance, ensuring faster loading times and smoother navigation compared to WebView, enhancing overall user satisfaction.
    • Additionally, Chrome Custom Tabs support passkeys for FIDO2 authentication, enhancing authentication capabilities natively supported on Android through Chrome.

MaaS360 support

MaaS360 android agent supports Chrome custom tabs through setting for admins. Admins can toggle Chrome custom tabs in MaaS360 portal via Services -> Settings -> Advanced Enrollment Settings -> Advanced Management for Android Devices -> Use Chrome Custom tabs for web authentication


Integrating Chrome Custom Tabs with MaaS360 enhances both security and user experience. By leveraging Chrome's robust security features, including Safe Browsing, it provides an extra layer of protection against malicious threats, safeguarding user credentials and sensitive information. Furthermore, Chrome Custom Tabs offer improved performance, seamless browsing, and passkey support for FIDO2 authentication, ensuring a smoother authentication process and enhancing overall user satisfaction. With MaaS360's support for Chrome Custom Tabs, administrators can enable this feature via a simple customer property setting, further bolstering security and usability across Android devices.