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Behind the Shield Episode 9: Hot Off the Presses—IBM Security 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report

By Mitch Mayne posted 23 days ago


IBM Security and the Ponemon institute release an annual report that’s become a significant industry benchmark. The Cost of a Data Breach analysis examines real world breaches in detail, producing insights into the factors that impact the cost of cyber-attacks.

The 2022 report was just released and once again, it’s packed with detail that sheds light on not only how much a breach can cost you, but also uncovers:

  • The industries and geographies that experience the heaviest cost during a breach
  • Which attack vectors are the most common and costliest to victims
  • How ransomware affects the cost of a breach
  • What methods companies are adopting to help prepare for and respond to a breach—and how well they’re working

IBM X-Force cyber guru Limor Kessem joins hosts Nick Bradley and Mitch Mayne to unpack the report and help you understand what it means for organizations today. We’ll also take a deeper dive on the affect of ransomware, examining not only costly mistakes many organizations make but ways you can help avoid following the same expensive path.  

The show will air on Wednesday, July 27 at 11 am ET U.S. There will also be a live QA session concurrent with the show where you can ask questions of our tech genius guest, so put your thinking cap on and login!

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