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Cybersecurity experts on “Behind the Shield” unravel operational technology (OT) security

By Mitch Mayne posted Mon August 23, 2021 07:42 PM


[Aug 30] Join us for Episode 2: IBM Expert TV - IBM Security: Behind the Shield

Operational technology is roughly defined as the software that keeps the operations side of the business running (hence the name), and includes things like operational controls for power plants, factory process lines, and even transportation of goods and services. OT is concerned with systems that manage industrial processes, usually for tangible goods. Conversely, its cousin—information technology (IT)—is centered on systems that store, process and deliver information, usually intangible goods.

When it comes to cybersecurity strategy, much of the emphasis is placed on the IT side of things. However, that’s rapidly shifting in the wake of attacks like Solar Winds and Colonial Pipeline, with both business and policy makers moving swiftly to institute both voluntary security and policy mandates.

And that’s likely not a bad thing. OT has traditionally been a blind spot for many organizations, and vulnerable OT systems are now in the crosshairs of threat actors. To complicate matters, some of these systems are decades old, so traditional security measures aren’t an immediate remedy (and some of the original manufacturers are no longer in business).

Sorting through the complications alone can be dizzying—let alone trying to make sense of where and how policy mandates need to be applied.

On Monday, August 30, 2021, my Behind the Shield cohost Nick Bradley and I will help sift through the current state of OT security, including breaking down some of the latest executive orders with policy analyst Chris Kubecka from the Middle East Institute. Also joining us is Rob Dyson, leader of IBM Security’s OT practice.

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And for those of you that have viewed the show, here’s the URL I mentioned to register for RedCon, where SMEs from X-Force will talk more in depth about the administration’s executive orders on cybersecurity.

We look forward to seeing you on August 30th!