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IBM Security: Behind the Shield Premiere

By Mitch Mayne posted Mon July 19, 2021 05:06 PM


There might not be a more interesting topic in the technology world today than cybersecurity. Sure, we might be biased—both of us work in the industry and love what we do. Cybersecurity news and information used to be relegated to niche websites and tech pubs, but today it’s a focus of virtually every media outlet, and has migrated from an IT department discussion to a boardroom dialogue. It is a part of our world that’s increasing in scope, activity and certainly headline presence.

Behind the Shield is designed to decode the jargon and provide insight into the industry in a way that not only gives you credible and timely information but does it in a way that taps into our passion for cybersecurity and our ability to break it down into language that everyone can understand—not just other industry experts.

  • We also have different backgrounds and different perspectives—which means we don’t always agree. But that’s a plus for you too: You get viewpoints that you probably won’t get elsewhere (and sometimes delivered colorfully!) While we may not always agree in our analysis, we do agree on one thing: Delivering on our mission to tackle the world’s most notable cybersecurity issues by pushing the boundaries of technology and information. We seek to protect the world, freeing you to thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty.

Our first episode is Weapons in the House: Insider threats and how to thwart them. Join us as we break down a recently released X-Force Special Intelligence Report on insider threats with the author, Allison Wikoff. We’ll also get an exclusive perspective from an FBI operative who works undercover to identify malicious insiders before they can damage companies or the public.

How to watch
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  • Bookmark Behind the Shield here. We’ll be broadcasting a new 30-minute episode every month -- and previous episodes are always available on-demand.

    We look forward to seeing you on July 26 at 11 am ET U.S. for the premiere of Behind the Shield.

    We want to hear from you, please share any questions in our discussion thread!

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    Thu July 22, 2021 01:32 PM

    Can't wait to watch the show!