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(re)Introducing IBM Security Verify Directory

By Milan Patel posted Fri December 09, 2022 12:00 PM


In 2020, IBM Security announced an overall rebrand of the IBM identity and access management portfolio by aligning the set of products that comprise the IAM capabilities to the IBM Security Verify name.

As IBM Security Verify continues to modernize with our IDaaS offering, IBM Security Verify SaaS, and software offerings, that are deployed for multi-cloud models, IBM Security Verify is positioned to help customers and partners across the breadth of IAM needs. This includes a singular portfolio for access management, governance, and privileged access management with the choice to deploy as cloud native or hybrid cloud based on business needs and requirements.

As a continuation of the modernization, IBM Security Verify Directory now supports containerized deployments of the directory.

The IBM Security Verify Portfolio to address access management and governance use cases.
IBM Security Verify Directory

IBM Security Verify Directory is not a new product, in fact it has been around for decades supporting enterprises such as telcos with close to 200m identities. IBM Security Verify Directory is a rebrand of what was previously known as IBM Security Directory Suite and IBM Security Directory Server.

IBM Security Verify Directory is a scalable, standards-based identity directory that helps simplify identity and directory management. Verify Directory helps consolidate identity silos into a single identity source. Verify Directory is purpose-built to provide a directory foundation that can help provide a trusted identity data infrastructure that assists in enabling mission-critical security and authentication. It is designed to deliver a reliable, scalable, standards-based identity data platform that interoperates with a broad range of operating systems and applications. Verify Directory supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) V3, offering a flexible and highly scalable LDAP infrastructure.

The version 10 release

In the new release of IBM Security Verify Directory v10, not only are we rebranding the product, but we are also delivering the directory capabilities in a container form factor. This allows customers and partners to align to more efficient DevOps models that are aligned to the industry needs for adopting cloud and hybrid cloud using container platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes.

Pricing/packing updates

The IBM Security Verify Directory will continue to support a software deployment in addition to the new container form factor. The initial release of IBM Security Verify Directory v10 will support three editions – Limited, Standard, and Enterprise.

  • Limited edition: used for IBM products that bundle IBM Security Verify Directory as enabling software.
  • Standard edition: used for core directory needs for passthrough authentication, login, and user management using LDAP.
  • Enterprise edition: used for advanced directory needs such as synchronization, SCIM, and federated directory services.

From a packaging perspective, Proxy directory server, Last login timestamp, and Advanced password policy rules have now been added into the Limited edition package. Those customers and partners that use IBM software that bundle IBM Security Verify Directory do not have to purchase standard edition going forward to experience the capabilities added into Limited edition.

From a pricing perspective, IBM Security Verify Directory now supports User Value Unit pricing for the Standard edition. This helps streamline how pricing is available across all editions to ensure consistency as well as simplifying trade up/trade down needs. Customers and partners will continue using the existing PID, which is 5725-Y17.

Technical updates

The initial delivery of IBM Security Verify Directory v10 will only support containers for Limited and Standard edition. Enterprise edition will still be available but only as software. In later releases of IBM Security Verify Directory, Enterprise edition capabilities will be containerized.

For the container deployment, PostgresSQL will be used as the database. For the software deployment, DB2 will continue to be used as the database. Additionally, the client and WebAdmin tool will only be deployed as software in the initial release. The server and proxy can be deployed as both software and/or container.

Please give us feedback and happy containerizing :) 

More details about IBM Security Verify Directory can be found through documentation and our support pages.

We are extremely excited about the new release of IBM Security Verify Directory. A lot of customer and partners continue to use the directory as the foundation to an IAM experience for workforce and consumer use cases. As modernization happens across hybrid cloud strategies, we are happy to continue to simplify the experience and provide more value with IBM Security Verify Directory’s new release.

Please give us feedback and let us know how we can help in securing identities at scale.