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Like the Spy vs. Spy Comic Strip... Only Real: A day-in-the-life of a data breach starts with a dark human decision

By Mike Rich posted Thu July 16, 2020 04:53 PM


If you are a Mad Magazine™ fan, better yet, a Spy vs. Spy© fan you will understand our July 22nd webinar. If, however as a pre-teen for some reason you weren’t allowed near the checkout stand at the grocery store, perhaps you can be excused from the prerequisite.

Spy vs. Spy was a wordless comic strip published in Mad magazine (which is sort of out of circulation.) The strip featured two agents involved in stereotypical espionage activities. The spy in white and the other spy in contrasting black—were always at war with each other, using a variety of booby-traps to inflict harm on the other. As a kid, I always liked it when the spy in black outsmarted the spy in white. I’m not sure why—a perceived underdog thing, I guess.

I have a different view today. In the security business, “black hats” are certainly not good, in any way. Merriam-Webster defines them as “hackers who infiltrate a computer system for malicious purposes.” There is nothing underdog or redeemable about that.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go through a data breach? What’s really happening behind the scenes at that company? It can be very painful for both organizations and individuals who work, buy, or invest there.

In a few days you can take such a journey virtually without having to deal with upset investors, fatigued leadership, constant news cycles, and other the stresses that come with being the victim of a breach.

Please join us on July 22nd when we host the webinar When “Tip of the Iceberg” is Not a Cliché: Why Holistic Enterprise Data Security Requires Guardium z/OS.” We will walk you through a real-life scenario where a financial services company had a “privileged user ID” compromised by a hacker. We’ll dig down into the actions that the Security Operations Center (SOC) took to identify that a user ID has been compromised, who they investigated, the different solutions that aided in the discovery and remediation after the user ID was compromised, and how the breach could have been prevented all together.

Please click here to register... and may the best spy win!