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By Michael Saldarriaga posted Wed May 26, 2021 08:30 AM


Join us June 15th for an in-depth webinar discussing IBM Security’s approach to managing security risk, with a focus on our solutions IBM Security Risk Manager for IBM Cloud Pak for Security and IBM Security Risk Quantification Services.

When you get right down to it, so much of what cyber security leaders do is manage risk—combining security tools and teams either to reduce the likelihood of a threat event from occurring or to minimize or dampen the impact of such a threat event, should it come to pass. Whether we’re talking about a SIEM, IAM, data security, SOAR or endpoint security tools, at their core, all of these solutions aim to manage risk to within a threshold that is acceptable to the organization. And yet, designing and implementing a cohesive risk management strategy remains elusive for many IT and security leaders.

Many find themselves saddled with a complex web of security tools and struggle to derive any kind of actionable security insights from the alerts and data being generated by those tools. Without a way to pull the signal from the noise, they suffer from a lack of visibility into their organizations’ areas of risk. Lacking the visibility to see where they are most vulnerable or where a security breach could be most damaging, security and IT leaders end up in a defensive or reactive position. They resort to ad hoc risk management strategies or react to threats as they happen. In short, without proper visibility into their risks, they cannot build a proactive risk management strategy.

To help our clients find their way out of the wilderness, IBM offers solutions to help customers create and implement an effective risk management strategy. IBM Security Risk Manager, hosted on IBM Cloud Pak for Security, collects risk data from security solutions connected to the Cloud Pak instance, normalizes it, and provides security leaders with a clear view of their organization’s areas of risk, allowing them to identify easily which vulnerabilities should be prioritized for remediation. Security teams can initiate a response in Cases directly from Risk Manager 

For customers seeking to deepen their risk management effort, IBM Security Risk Quantification Services help organizations design end-to-end risk programs. Our experts work with clients to level-set on how risks should be quantified using the FAIR taxonomy, which provides a common framework for quantifying risk in financial terms. This facilitates strategic decisions around risk management by putting the stakes in the language of business—dollars and cents. Risk Quantification Services help clients design a program to help them shift to a proactive risk management posture, focused on minimizing risks before they are exploited by a threat. 

If you struggle with prioritizing and communicating risks, or feel like your current program could be improved, I encourage you to join me and two of our experts, Julian Meyrick and Nagendra Pattavardhanam, on Tuesday, June 15th at 1pm Eastern, for an in-depth discussion on how IBM Security Risk Manager and IBM Security Risk Quantification Services can help you improve your risk management program.