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Guardium Data Protection 11.3 is here! Discover what’s inside.

By Michael Saldarriaga posted Mon December 07, 2020 11:38 AM


Today we’re releasing Guardium Data Protection v11.3. The latest version of our platform-agnostic data protection and compliance reporting solution includes new features that broaden Guardium’s support of modern data environments, adds additional integrations with 3rd party security and IT solutions, builds upon our vision to provide connected security for our customers, and enhances the solution’s current compliance reporting abilities. Let’s take a look at some of the new features in detail:

Securing modern environments:

One of Guardium Data Protection’s strengths is its ability to provide consistent, robust coverage for both legacy and modern data environments. With the v11.3 release, we’re continuing to expand support for modern environments in a big way:

Universal Connector: each data environment is different, as such users may want flexibility in how they connect their data protection solutions to their data environments. Enter the Universal Connector: a framework that makes it faster and easier to connect Guardium Data Protection to different on-premises and cloud data sources by providing users options for how to monitor their data: S-TAPs, External S-Taps, and now native audit logs. Regardless of the option deployed, the Universal Connector normalizes the activity data to prepare it for reporting and analytics. Additionally, looking forward, the Universal Connector will make it easier and faster than ever before for IBM and developers to quickly and build their own integrations with the Guardium family of products.

In addition to the Universal Connector, this release features other enhancements that expand coverage of modern environments, including:

  • Integration with IBM Security Verify to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secrets Manager
  • Expanded classification capabilities to support MongoDB
  • Additional support of archive and backup on Microsoft Azure, in addition to what is currently available on AWS
  • Added support for Couchbase database in IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

Simplifying compliance:

We’ve taken Guardium’s traditional compliance accelerators to the next level. Most compliance regulations require that organizations protect their data using specific controls; solutions like Guardium Data Protection define policies to enforce such controls. With previous versions, pre-built template policies were defined for individual regulations, one at a time, which could lead to rule duplication. With v11.3, Guardium Data Protection now adds Policy Optimization and Rationalization with tagging, which allows users to use tagging to assign policies to support multiple regulations at once. This new feature makes it easier to create and define policies for data privacy regulations, reduces the wait time for new regulation support, and provides users with greater flexibility in assign tags for policies along different dimensions, such as geography, version, and more. 

Connected Security: 

IBM Security is committed to breaking down silos between security teams, tooling, and processes. When it comes to Guardium products, that means adding integrations between our solutions and other IBM and 3rd party IT and security tools to facilitate coordination, communication and response. With v11.3, Guardium Data Protection now integrates with IBM Cloud Pak for Security—the cloud-native security and analytics platform built on Red Hat Openshift—and supports ticketing for case management integration with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities within IBM Cloud Pak for Security. 

The latest version of the solution also expands support for databases hosted on the Cloud Pak for Data platform, including DB2, DB2 Warehouse, Netezza Performance Server, BigSQL, and support for additional environments coming in the months ahead. 

Additional features to increase connections with the enterprise’s IT and security environment:

  • Expanded scope and features of the Unified Health and Deployment Dashboard to help users understand the health of their S-TAPs in a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Updated Security Guardium APIs

What’s next?

On December 17th, we’ll be hosting a Guardium Tech Day covering Guardium Data Protection 11.3, the Universal Connector and other new features. Make sure to register for the event and/or share with your clients as well!

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Mon December 14, 2020 03:15 PM

Thanks Michael. Here's what's new in Guardium v11.3, from IBM Knowledge Center, in other words (pun unintended).