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Register for our next Tech Day on Oct. 29: "Guardium Data Protection and Cloud Pak for Data — Better Together"

By Michael Saldarriaga posted Thu October 22, 2020 04:36 PM


Join us on October 29th for a virtual Tech Day event that explores how integrating IBM Security Guardium Data Protection with IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help your organization fully realize the innovative potential of your data. This three-hour tech workshop will include detailed overviews of the solutions, demonstrations and Q&A throughout.

What’s this about the “innovative potential of data?”

Fueled by data, AI is transforming how businesses operate, innovate and deliver value to their customers. Yet, for organizations seeking to deploy AI applications, they must first make sure that their data environment is connected, governed, and secure. Accomplishing this is no small task. Many organizations today have disjointed data environments that have developed on an ad hoc basis making a common security, governance and compliance strategy difficult.

It’s often said that data is the lifeblood of the modern economy. Organizations that are able to collect, normalize and correlate all their data are better positioned to discover new insights that could spark innovation and business growth. Having your organization’s segmented into data silos is an obvious impediment to realizing this opportunity.

The answer lies in uniting their disconnected data sources together via a cloud-native, governed data plane like IBM Cloud Pak for Data—which collects, normalizes and prepares data for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications and microservices to work their magic on the data.

Bringing data together is only half the story; you also need to secure the data at its source (or sources). Security and IT leaders should deploy a solution (like Guardium Data Protection) that can monitor data access, find and classify sensitive or regulated data, discover threats, and accelerate compliance reporting for the entire data environment.

Want to learn more?

As I mentioned above, the Tech Day event will feature demos of both solutions, so please make sure to attend and to share this registration page with your clients and colleagues as well.