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IBM TechXchange Conference 2023: Guardium, Guardium Insights, and the Future

By Matt Simons posted Thu August 10, 2023 10:12 AM


I am super excited to be presenting 3 sessions at TechXchange in Las Vegas next month. We're going to discuss the evolution of the Guardium portfolio, the future of Guardium Insights, how to get the most out of your investments, and having some great conversations about what our customers are looking for in the world of data security.

So make plans to join us, September 11-14, at TechXchange at the MGM Grand, and stop on by to guess which one of these 3 things is a lie:

  • I sing with world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli every year
  • I once spent a weekend hanging out with Oscar winner (and Aunt May) Marisa Tomei
  • I have sky-dived 3 times


Session 1: Data Security’s Next Frontier: Elevating Guardium Data Protection with Insights

Session ID: 5338
Date & time: Tuesday, September 12 2023, 9:15a
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Join us as we explore the visionary landscape of data security and take Guardium Data Protection to unprecedented heights. This session offers an in-depth look
at the future of data protection through Guardium Insights, outlining new horizons and opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a comprehensive overview or
detailed insights into specialized tracks, our experts will guide you on a journey through the next frontier of data security. Discover the path forward and be part of the evolution with us.

Session 2: Explore Guardium Insights & GI SaaS: Your Path to Data Security & Compliance

Session ID: 5336
Date & time: Tuesday, September 12 2023, 12:00p
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Top 3 things to learn at this session:

  • The latest and greatest improvements in Guardium Insights for novice to pro
  • How to get the most out of Guardium Insights through native integrations
  • Guardium Insights’ newest upcoming capabilities, and the newest member of the Guardium family. data security posture management from Polar Security

Session 3: Mastering Guardium Insights: Your Guide to Seamless Data Security Deployment & Management

Session ID: 1725
Date & time: Thursday, September 14 2023, 12:00p
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Come and learn about:

  • Tips and tricks on getting Guardium Insights up and running quickly in any environment
  • The optimal configuration path for fastest time to value
  • The top 3 things to do right after deployment

Make sure you register: TechXchange Conference from Sept 11-Sept 14th in Las Vegas.




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