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How IBM Security Expert Labs Helped Solved the Challenges of a Large US Financial Institution – And How We Can Help You

By MARTY BUCKLEY posted Wed September 30, 2020 08:20 AM


Hello to my fellow Community members! My name is Marty Buckley and my life at IBM started when IBM bought Lotus back in 1995. Over the years I have had many exciting roles, careers and jobs within IBM and none more exciting than IBM Security! I can honestly say to my friends (and kids!) that I am helping to save the world from bad people. Today I am a leader within the Security Expert Labs team, whose main raison d'être is to ensure that our IBM Security software products are deployed and running the best they possibly can be in our clients’ workplaces.

As you may know, IBM Security Expert Labs (SEL) is a global network of software experts that can help you deploy, optimize and expand your IBM Security solutions. We are available for short-term assistance to meet a stated objective but can also provide long-term support and ongoing expert access, or even personalized enablement and technical training.

As just one example of how Security Expert Labs can help your organization maximize your investments with IBM, I’d like to tell you about one of my latest engagements. The client was a large US financial corporation that had recently merged with another large US financial corporation, which itself had also recently acquired other financial institutions. I’m sure you can imagine the security and regulatory challenges the organization was facing under these circumstances.

In short, their security systems needed to be ratified, integrated and re-architected for the new organization. They needed help to ensure their new security systems encompassed the entire organization for threat management and data security.

Recognizing the complexity of their situation and the criticality of achieving their goals quickly and completely, the client enlisted the help of IBM Security Expert Labs. Another important factor in the client’s decision to work with the SEL team was our direct connection to IBM Support, Offering Management, and other relevant internal teams.

Indeed, in this instance as in many others, SEL consultants worked in tandem with the client’s own team members as well as IBM Security Sales and IBM Security Services in order to re-architect the entire environment according to the client’s needs.

We met with the client face to face very early in the process to fully understand their environment and their specific business requirements. Only then were we able to architect a comprehensive, end-to-end services engagement that would migrate them from several existing on-premise SIEMs to a single QRadar on Cloud (QRoC) deployment to serve the security needs of the client AND its subsidiaries.

IBM Security Expert Labs also partnered with IBM Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services (SOIC) to align their existing effort to evaluate and improve the use cases being delivered by QRadar into the client’s migration project.

To learn more about how Security Expert Labs can help your organization realize your security objectives the way we did for this financial institution, visit or send an email to