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MaaS360: Ask Me Anything about Streamlined Enrollments

By Margaret Radford posted Tue January 23, 2024 02:35 PM


The IBM MaaS360 Customer Success team recently hosted an Ask Me Anything about Streamlined Enrollments.  You can expect more Ask Me Anything's in the future, with our next one planned for March 20, 2024! Have an idea for a topic, comment below or send a suggestion to the IBM MaaS360 Customer Success team at  

Topics in the January 17, 2024 Ask Me Anything included:

  • Streamline enrollment basics
  • Streamline your streamline - key configuration settings to make you administrator life easier
  • Don't forget about your security policies!

If you have any additional questions, post them as a reply to this blog or you can also reach out to your account representative or you can contact the IBM MaaS360 Customer Success team by emailing

For reference here are the answers to your questions that you posed during the session and a link to the presentation and replay. Thanks to all who joined us, we had a great discussion! 

Link to Presentation and Replay 

Ask Me Anything Questions and Answers (the replay above also has demonstrations for each answer) 

Q: After an IOS device has been removed from Apple Business Manager, can it be re-added? 

A: If you released the device from the organization inside Apple Business Manager that removes the device from the Apple Business Manager portal. The only way to get that device readded into Apple Business Manager is to use the Apple Configurator workflow.

Q: Can we prevent users from activating iCloud ? 

A: Yes, go to the iOS Security Policy's Supervised settings, Restrictions & Network. There are iCloud restrictions and account modifications restrictions that you can configure. 

Q: What type of storage encryption is there on Apple devices?

A:  For local encryption, anything Apple is encrypted out of the box. Encryption is completed once you put in a passcode. Encryption of backups are handled by iTunes and iCloud.

Q: Does DEP conversion require the factory reset of devices? 

A: Yes

Q: If a device is enrolled through MaaS360 and Apple Business Manager(ABM)  and the phone number is changed, do you have to go back to ABM to change everything? 

A: No, you do not need to change anything in ABM if the device phone number or SIM change. 

Q: How do you push operating system updates to devices? 

A: Apple - Go to an individual device or a group of devices in Devices>Groups. Under the Group name, select More and Push iOS Update. 

A: Android -  you can use the Android Security Policy to configure settings for OS Updates in the System Update Settings. If you have Samsung Knox devices, Samsung also has a product Knox E-Fota which we integrate with and can be used to managed OS Upgrades. 

A: Android: Using Device Group actions by going to Devices>Groups and selecting More, you put updates to Zebra and Blue Bird devices For other Android devices (see the prerequisites in the doc) you can push updates OTA if you have access to the binaries from the OEM

Q: How can you limit what accounts a device user can use on a Android device?

A: Android: Go to the Android Security Policy > Android Enterprise Settings> Accounts and you can specify what accounts are restricted/allowed. 

Q: Are there any streamline enrollment options for Windows devices? 

A:  Yes, Out of the Box Experience (OOBE), Autopilot Enrollment, and Bulk Provisioning Tool. Information can be found here on all 3:

Q: How do you unhide a device?

A: There is not an Unhide action. When the device checks in again, it will show up in your Device Inventory again. If it's a device that is offline and won't check in again, you can change the Managed Status filter in the Device Inventory to display Inactive devices. 

Q: How do you select a group of devices? 

A: You can use Devices>Advance Search to create search criteria which will select the devices that meet that criteria. You can then create a Device Group based on the results, or initiate actions on the result set right there. Or you can go to Device Inventory and select the devices using the checkboxes. 

Q: Is Apples Device Enrollment Program available with all levels of MaaS360 subscriptions?

A: Yes, you can find it in the MaaS360 portal under Setup>Settings> Enrollment Programs. 

Q: How does Activation lock work with MaaS360:


Q: Where do I find the profile for the accounts after it's created? 

A: For IOS, in the MaaS360 portal Devices>Enrollments> Other Enrollment Options> iOS> Apple DEP> Profiles

A: For Android devices, they will be in Zero Touch or KME portals. 

Q: If I have more questions, who do I reach out to?

A: For break fix questions, please use the ? in the upper right of the portal to get to IBM Technical Support. For how-to type questions you can ask a question on the IBM Community discussion forum or you can reach out to our Customer Success Team at 

If you have any additional questions, use the Discussion forum here in the community or reach out to 

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