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Make your move to Android Enterprise with MaaS360: Checklists, Resources, and Webinar

By Margaret Radford posted Tue April 28, 2020 03:40 PM


If you fall into one of the following categories, then it’s time to use MaaS360 and Android Enterprise to manage all of your Android devices.

  • You are currently managing Android devices in MaaS360 using legacy Device Admin
  • You are planning to purchase new Android devices or reuse Android 5.0+ devices and will manage them with MaaS360.

Why is it important to put a plan in place now?

  • Google has deprecated legacy Device Admin and therefore many features will stop functioning on your devices that upgrade to Android 10.
  • Android Enterprise mitigates security challenges for your corporate devices
  • Android Enterprise provides access to your corporate resources in a separate Work Profile for your BYOD devices


Review the blog Your 2020 MDM Resolution: Migrate from Device Admin to Android Enterprise for Better Device Management to get more insights into why it’s time to move to Android Enterprise.

How do I know if I am still managing legacy Device Admin devices? 

  • Create a device group or alert by using Advanced Search in the portal.
    • To create a group, go to Devices > Advanced Search.
    • Search for Active Devices
    • In Last Reported, select All Records
    • In Search Criteria:
      • Condition 1: Select Category- Hardware Inventory, Select Attribute – Container Type, Select Criteria – Equal To, Choose Value – Device Administrator
    • Click Search
    • Review the list of devices. You can export the list to a spreadsheet and determine how you want to migrate the devices to Android Enterprise.


Get started moving to Android Enterprise by taking these next steps:

(Note: We refer to AE Work Profile mode as Profile Owner and AE Fully Managed Work Device as Device Owner to match the nomenclature in the portal)

  • **Important: First, read the Comprehensive Guide to Android Enterprise Management
  • Check that your devices are AE compatible. If you're unsure, check with the OEM and try enrollment on a test device.
  • Integrate MaaS360 with Android Enterprise in your MaaS360 portal, if you haven’t already
  • Choose the management mode(s) (Profile Owner, Device Owner, COSU) for your Android devices
  • Identify whether you have existing legacy Device Admin devices in MaaS360 that must be migrated to Android Enterprise
    • Choose your migration path if you currently have Android devices being managed with legacy Device Admin in MaaS360
      • Device Admin to Profile Owner – Use the MaaS360 automatic DA migration tool to migrate users to Profile Owner mode
      • Device Admin to Device Owner/Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU)

 Note: Device Owner/COSU both require a factory reset on an existing Device Admin device.

Are you still unsure how to get started? Contact your MaaS360 Customer Success Manager(CSM). If you’re not sure who your CSM is, contact and a CSM team member will get back to you.                       

For technical questions on MaaS360 and Android Enterprise, please post questions on the  MaaS360 discussion forum. Our MaaS360 experts monitor the forum and the Q&A will benefit your peers.

 Please review our Android Enterprise Deployment Progress Check webinar
Join our IBM MaaS360 Technical Enablement and Client Success Teams as they provide a "progress check" to make sure that your admins have the information they need for a successful Android deployment. 

MaaS360 and Android Enterprise Resources

**Use the Comprehensive Guide to Android Enterprise  Management as your guide to deploying MaaS360 and Android Enterprise. If you want to dive deeper into specific topics around MaaS360 and Android Enterprise, below is a detailed resource list. **



Integrating MaaS360 with Android Enterprise


Configuring Deployment Settings


Configuring Management Modes and Enrollment Methods


  App Management


Security Policy Configuration


Migration from Device Admin to Profile Owner




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