IBM Security Verify

IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence & IBM Security Identity Manager are joining the Verify Family With New Features

By Leanne Chen posted Wed December 09, 2020 02:12 PM


It’s official! As part of our continuous efforts to modernize and keep ahead of the demand for new governance capabilities, IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence and IBM Security Identity Manager are now part of the IBM Security Verify brand family. We announced IBM Security Verify Governance 10.0, includes new features: an intuitive interface for access certification, enhanced access request workflow, self-service and SoD control for administrators, improvements to support hybrid use cases with Verify SaaS, and as promised, simplified packaging and licensing.

Intuitive Interface for Access Certification

Verify Governance enables you to run access certification campaigns to reconfirm users access needs efficiently. Our latest version introduces a web user interface for access certification with optimized usability, providing a simple and intuitive user experience.

Enhanced Access Request workflow

Verify Governance streamlines the process for identity lifecycle management, automates the end-to-end provisioning processes, and reduces overhead. Its capabilities include identity lifecycle and entitlement management, attribute and role based access control policies, flexible access request workflows with point-and-click configuration, and rich set of adapters for both on-premises, as well as for the cloud applications to automate entitlement discovery and provisioning of user access to applications and data. Our latest version enhances access request workflow to optimize approval distribution, improved efficiency to handle bulk operations, and improved visibility of risk insights that enables approvers to review the risks before making decisions.

Self-Service for Administrators

Service Center is a web user interface for business users to perform self-service activities for access and accounts, and for managers to manage access requests. Our latest version enables administrators to use Service Center for self-services, including password management, access request, and account management.

Separation-of-Duties Control for Admin activities

Verify Governance provides fine-grained controls on detecting SoD violations. Our latest version adds additional support for SoD risk control and access certification for administrators’ entitlements within the Verify Governance application.

Identity Manager, formerly IBM Security Identity Manager, and all the adapters are now included in IBM Security Verify Governance 10.0. Identity Manager supports software installation as well as virtual appliance deployment options. Here are some highlights of new features in our latest version of Identity Manager: Role assignment attributes in Service Center, auto-provisioning for non-personal accounts like application accounts and operational accounts, the ability to add dynamic roles to role hierarchy to simplify birthright entitlements configuration, and Identity Manager Virtual Appliance now supports OIDC authentication via external Identity Provider, such as IBM Security Verify. 

Verify On-Premises, formerly IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance Suite, delivers a consumption model using IBM FlexPoints. You can purchase and transfer FlexPoints to easily add and switch entitlements among the programs in the offering as often as needed. Or, you can purchase additional FlexPoints as needed to scale up the solution to meet your deployment needs.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) tools help organizations manage digital identity and access, ensure the right people get the right access to the right resources, at the right time, and for the right reasons. IGA is a fundamental building block of an organization’s identity and access management strategy. It leads to improved and streamlined business processes, facilitating compliance, reducing risk of unauthorized access, and providing efficient control and automation for identity lifecycle management.

While Verify Governance, a mature product with comprehensive IGA capabilities, is recognized as a market leader by multiple analysts, including Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole, the solution has gone through a significant evolution over the last few years. This latest version is a continuation of that progress. Please join me in congratulating the entire Verify Governance team on a job well done and check out the announcement to learn more about this release!