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Expert Meets Expert: Announcing Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights

By Katie Schwarzwalder posted Tue April 26, 2022 09:00 AM


If you are unfamiliar with Guardium Insights, let’s refresh your memory: it is a modern data security hub built on Red Hat OpenShift, deployed as microservices in Kubernetes containers.

It can stream data activity monitoring data directly from cloud data sources, connect to Guardium Data Protection’s agents for real-time monitoring, and retain this activity data long-term.

For the compliance-focused organization, users can create custom compliance policies and audit workflows to automate enforcement and the sharing of critical reports.

But let’s go back to the Red Hat OpenShift topic for a second. While there is a significant benefit to an open platform that can deploy anywhere (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and beyond), integrate with critical tools effortlessly (Splunk, IBM Cloud Pak for Security, ServiceNow, etc.), and scale as your data environment grows, there is a barrier to entry with these modern solutions:

Not many organizations are currently set up to support deployment and maintenance.


Enter Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights


Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights is a dedicated, cloud-agnostic, hosted, and managed service aimed to complement and quickly bring value to your Guardium Insights investment.

While many organizations already familiar with Red Hat OpenShift have successfully deployed Guardium Insights on their own, this hosted services offering from Converge (and their award-winning Information Insights team) removes the obstacles that come with implementing an entirely new platform—without sacrificing the effectiveness of Guardium Insights.

Who is Converge? They are an IBM Platinum Partner with over a decade of managed data security experience. 

What exactly are the services offered? With Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights, infrastructure is maintained by Converge’s team of data protection experts with over a decade of Guardium deployment experience—this means architecting, provisioning, upgrading, and scaling are all managed for the end-user.

Modern data security without the headaches that often come with being on the cutting edge?
Learn more by signing up to join our webinar on May 19th at 10:00 AM EDT:
WEBINAR: …And here’s your host(ed solution): what even is Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights?

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