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Go hybrid with IBM Security Verify

By Katherine Cola posted Fri January 29, 2021 12:21 PM

If you’re a Verify Access customer, (formerly branded IBM Security Access Manager), you can integrate with IBM’s IDaaS offering, IBM Security Verify SaaS, in 10 minutes or less! Verify SaaS aggregates dynamic user, device, activity, behavioral and environmental context to automate risk protection and continuously authenticate any user to any resource. As enterprises continue to move to the cloud it’s important to modernize your IAM infrastructure, even if for your organization that means a slower, more comfortable pace. Verify SaaS offers the same core access management capabilities as Verify Access while enabling better technical agility and operational efficiency, like when current Verify SaaS clients told Forrester they benefited "from a lower cost cloud model and the ability to do things faster, such as adding multifactor authentication to applications; this had taken 30 days to do with an on-premises solution but takes only a few hours with IBM Security Verify." And when you're ready, Verify SaaS provides additional capabilities beyond Verify Access like one-click adaptive access, data privacy and consent automation, access recertification campaigns and identity analytics, all based on flexible, dynamic licensing that accounts for individual use cases and active usage.
To be assured, Verify SaaS protects your legacy, on-prem apps and integrates with Active Directory just like Verify Access. The IBM application gateway is a lightweight, alternative reverse proxy deployment that can protect applications traditionally junctioned behind reverse proxies, without the complexity. The gateway is a key technology component to enable IDaaS migrations and remove the dependency on a full Verify Access deployment for protecting on-prem apps.
Getting started with a migration to could-based access management is easier than you think. From your local management interface on Verify Access, simply click the “IBM Security Verify” tab to get started. Take a look through the IBM Security Verify Configuration Cookbook for a step-by-step hands-on lab guide to setting up a Verify SaaS environment and exploring its capabilities. You’ll be able to add applications, users and identity sources right away.
Not a Verify Access customer but still interested in a hybrid approach to access management? Register for the free 90-day trial of IBM Security Verify.