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QRadar 7.4 is released!

By Jonathan Pechta posted Thu March 19, 2020 12:13 PM


As you might already know, QRadar 7.4 has been posted to IBM Fix Central. This release includes some neat new features, like multi-tenancy for applications, secure email server (SMTP with TLS) and the ability to designate multiple servers, RHEL v7.6 update,  API updates, XML support parsing/custom property auto discovery in the DSM Editor and more. 

As part of this effort, we put a quick feature list on QRadar 101, which links you to the What's New documentation or includes screen captures.

There are a few important notes administrators should read, but you can find download links, feature links, and more. If you are using QRadar Incident Forensics, there is a release still pending for the QRadar Incident Forensics V7.4 upgrade (SFS). 

What to review:
  • QRadar 7.4.0 features and what is new in our latest release. 
  • COVID-19 X-Force Collections are linked on QRadar 101. If your management is asking about what security policies you have enacted, there are collections you can add to QRadar from threat actors. If you have thoughts to share about how you are tracking COVID-19 issues, start a discussion! 
  • Watch the Log Source Management Open Mic on how to troubleshoot log sources.
    All edits and new log sources must be added using the Log Source Management App with the release of QRadar 7.4.0. QRadar Development and Support teams added a feature and troubleshooting video to QRadar 101 for users who want to review how the Log Source Management app can help with troubleshooting protocol/event collection. 
  • Installs and Upgrades 101
    This new QRadar 101 page is intended for notices related to support and upgrade issues to assist users with finding APARs, documentation, troubleshooting, the latest software versions, find training, and more that related to upgrades and QRadar installations. As issues are reported to support, we'll be updating this page with common information that we feel users should be aware of.  

QRadar 101 homepage



Thu March 19, 2020 05:08 PM

A quick comment here, the WinCollect team added a new SFS for QRadar 7.4 today. Administrators who want to upgrade their managed agents must download and install the WinCollect 7.2.9 Patch 1 ( SFS file for QRadar 7.4. A direct download link for IBM Fix Central is available on both QRadar 101 and WinCollect 101 pages.