Federate search across QRadar data with IBM Security's new cloud platform

By Jonathan Pechta posted Mon December 03, 2018 02:29 PM


Do you want to proactively identify, investigate and respond to your most critical threats with one solution? Then request early access to IBM Security Connect, an open, cloud-based platform that provides the benefits of cloud scalability without the pain of data migration.

We are looking for your partnership and expertise in our Early Field Trial to provide valuable feedback on our first solution, Threat Operations. Threat Operations is an end-to-end threat management solution from a unified platform that prioritizes threat intelligence, connects to your existing data sources, like QRadar and BigFix, and offers recommended plans to enhance team collaboration, experience and response.

    • Gain prioritized, relevant threat intelligence:
        • Identify active threats in your environment using data from IBM and non-IBM solutions
        • Connect to data sources like QRadar to scan all of your data and enable continuous and automated notifications of active threats
    • Federate search without moving your data:
        • Query all of your connected data sources at the same time to dramatically speed up your investigation
        • Seamlessly build a case to start an investigation based on the threat intelligence
        • Uncover related threat activity at an indicator level by searching and pivoting across your environment assets, including QRadar data
    • Respond quickly to threats using prioritized runbooks:
        • Use recommended response plans to orchestrate your people and automate your processes to maximum effect
        • Quickly and efficiently carry out your response among the necessary stakeholders
        • Capture and track remediation for auditing and hand-offs

User feedback is extremely important to us as we aim to build a simple, intuitive platform to improve your security operations. Please contact our team at infoISC@us.ibm.com if you are interested in participating in the Early Field Trial.