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Announcing QRadar Analyst Workflow - Rebuilt for the Security Analyst

By Jeremy Goldstein posted Tue June 09, 2020 09:47 AM



Introducing QRadar Analyst Workflow

Discover the new, modern look of IBM Security QRadar 

We're excited to announce the launch of QRadar Analyst Workflow, the next step in the evolution of IBM Security QRadar. Over 12 months ago, our offering and design teams began work on improving the core workflow of QRadar and adding the quality of life updates that you - our users - have been asking for.

QRadar Analyst Workflow was designed from the ground up with the security analyst in mind, with every design and detail-focused on accelerating the mission-critical work of analysts in triage and investigation processes. We are excited to share with you what's new in version 1.0, which is live today on the IBM Security App Exchange:

  • Streamlined offense management - accelerate triage processes with easy to understand insights and deep dives into your security data
  • New modern user interface - built using IBM Carbon design language with an emphasis on usability and accessibility
  • Consolidated investigation experience - easily triage, investigate and search on IOCs from a single interface


See the debut of the new QRadar

Join the unveiling of the new QRadar live on June 12th at noon EDT and get a tour of what's new from IBM offering and design experts. Learn more about the roadmap for QRadar Analyst Workflow and how to try it.

Join us for an additional Ask Me Anything with QRadar support, development, offering and design experts on June 18th at noon EDT for a deep dive on installation, technical questions, and how to get help.

Learn more about Analyst Workflow

QRadar guru @Jose Bravo put together some helpful videos for installation and walkthroughs of Analyst Workflow. 




Check out Jose's YouTube channel for other helpful QRadar videos.